Monday, October 13, 2014

Helping Panama one street at a time! :)

       So this week has been long but great. Last P-day we had a water ballon fight with our zone. It was super awesome. We just had lots of fun last p-day. I also played basketball with the Elders haha. Only three sisters wanted to play so it was us three and like 10 Elders. Funny part is that Im taller then all of them but one. I shot like four 3´s in a row jaja. Fun day last week.

The rest of the week was great as well, we tought tons of lessons and read the Book of Mormon with one of our investigators. Hey is really coming along way and I hope he gets baptized. He is awesome!! 

So your probably wondering why then title says what it says. Well on Saturday we had a service project with our Zone. We went to a different part of Panama to clean the streets. Im talking sewers and all. I decided that it would be a good idea to not eat and go do service. Well actually we dont have any food at all in house so we couldnt eat. Anyways I got dehydrated and sick. But an elder bought me a banana and some water so I was okay. Ill send pictures of the service later. It was an all day service so when we got home we just passed out on our beds.

So on Sunday it was fast Sunday. So I got up and shared my testimony at church. IN SPANISH!! WOOHOOO!!! Everyone after said that it was really good and that my spanish is getting better each day.

This week we started making a game out of contacting people. We have only a min. and 30 seconds to contact someone. We just walk up to them ask how they are and tell them about our message. Put our number on the back of whatever we are giving them and ask where they live so we can come and teach there family. Work gets done alot better and we contact a lot more people that way. We are going to try some other stuff this week as well.

Well no crazy food or crazy ladies and dogs this week. Sorry. Maybe next week. We did have two roaches in our house this week but my companion is not scared so she killed them lol.. WooHoo thanks tou Hermana Bennett. Well thats this week. Until next time!!


-Hermana Patrick

P.S on the 9th I hit month 3 in the mission WooHoo!!! :)
      My companion and I wear the bows mom made all the time lol she loves them
    She is putting her mission papers in soon. She goes on visits with us all the time
        My companion and I. We were on our way to someones house that lived by all these trees
             Service. Picking up trash.

                     Some of the people in my zone. We all stoped to take pics while doing the service

                   Super nice Elder from Basillios county lol... He says hi!!
                   Some of the best Elders. They dont speak english and its so funny when they try. They always ask me what hommie means lol
                    Little kid in the branch
          Haha he has is Texas sign up lol.. this is a little kid from my branch and his brother. they came to help do service
                           Another kid in the branch. This was a church on Sunday

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