Monday, October 20, 2014


So this week our District Leader put hot wáter in our shower. I just about died. For like 2 months I have not had a hot shower then when I got in it was burning me. Its super hot!!! Im going to enjoy it for the time that I have it lol!! It feels soooo great!!

So I'll hit you guys with some great stories before we get to the good stuff. So this week we ate lunch at this ladies house, the same one I told yall about that has like 100 flies. Well while we were eating they were just buzzing on by landing in our food and drinks. Not only does she have 100 flies she also has these bugs that they only have here in Panama. Really I have never seen them in my life until I got here. They are smaller then bees and they are black and White. They dont sting but they bite. Weird. Anyways so one of them was flying around and around me until it lands on my dress. I start to scream and then the Elders and my comp. start laughing. Finally my comp. comes over and starts to try and get this thing off of me but then it lands on my butt. I scream even more! Then one of the Elders takes out his Preach my Gospel and looks at me and says "Dont take this the wrong way", then hits my butt with his book and kills the bug........... Well atleast the bug died!! Guys dont ever do that on your missions. That Elder now needs to repent lol.

Next story... So my companion and I go to the house of a less active to do what missionaries do. Teach her... Lets just say I'll never forget this day... ever!! So we went to her house and talked for a Little while with her. After we sang a hymn and prayed. She wasnt really focused the whole time we taught her but at the end we asked her to say the prayer. She says okay and starts to pray. As she is praying she is whispering. my comp. and I lean in to her what she is saying. She sounded like she was off of a scary movie or something because she was mummbling things. She then starts to clap her hands and do some other weird things. I open one eye to peak at my comp and she if she is feeling the same thing I was. I look up and my comp. has her eyes wide open looking at this lady as if she was crazy. I started to laugh and the other lady opened her eyes. I closed mine then she said amen. After that she gives me and muy comp some really nasty food. We both were so ready to get out of there. We visit her again this week. Lets hope it goes better.

Dogs... so this week we were walking along the street and this huge black dog jumps out at us. It starts to bark and we just keep walking. It didnt bite or anything so thats good. It was just really scary.

Okay now time for the good stuff. So this week I experienced the hand of the Lord!! We went to a house of investigators this week and had planned on showing them the restoration video. I prayed about it and thought that this was something that they really needed to watch. When we got to there house the DVD player that we bought wasnt working. The screen was all black but the sound worked. As I sat there trying to fix it my comp. says "lets not waste anymore time, it doesnt work". In my head im praying to the lord and wondering why hes not letting this DVD player work. They really needed to watch it. I thought in my head, what can I do in this situation. Well like any god missionay you pray. So in my head I said a quick prayer and when I looked down I had no doubt that the tv was going to work. I looked down and there was the screen. As bright as ever!! It worked. I was so happy. I was reading in Preach my Gospel earlier that day about praying with faith. That night I did exactly that and the lord helped us.

Also this week I taught about a good 45 min lesson. My spanish wasnt perfect but they understood what I was saying. I learned so much for teaching them.

Well I love you all and hope all is well in Texas and any other place you might be in the world. Soy un hija de Dios y un misionara por La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los últimos Días.  

-Hermana Patrick

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