Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hospital Visit..

Hola todos!!

   Como estan?? Espero que bien!! :) Bueno esta semana era super bueno! Pues era dificil pero bueno, asi es la mision! jaja.. Ok no voy a escribir todo en espanol por que mi mama va a matarme jaja.. Te amo mama!! :)

**How are? I hope that well! :) Well this week was super good! Because it was difficult, but hey, so is the mission! haha... OK am not going to write all in Spanish that my mom will kill me haha... I love you MOM! :)***

Great so this week like I said was good but difficult. So Carol got married this last week and she will be getting married on Friday! We are sooo excited for her and her son Hadid. They are going to be great members of the church.

So the part that was a bit hard this week was my comp. She was super sick with a parasite and we have no clue how she got it. She hadnt really been eating a lot for about a week and she was feeling sick and stuff. So finally after fighting with her for the whole week Monday she just got super sick at about 10:30pm when we were getting ready to go to bed. She was in so much pain that we called the Elders and they had to come and give her a blessing. So they came over and gave her a blessing and then yesterday we went to the city to go to the hospital. We stayed there for 7 hours and finally got released. We got out of the hospital at about 11pm and stayed in the city with the sisters there. We got back this moring from this crazy adventure and now we are here writing haha. My comp is going to be fine so thats the blessing!! :) So Im just a bad comp because almost all my comps have been the the hospital haha.

So yeah not to much this week being as my comp was sick. I have been feeling a bit scared latley though. For some reason I havent been eating very well. Its not because Im sick or anything but I have been freaking out about going home so soon. I dont really want to come back to the worldy things, my testimony has been strengthed here in my mission and I LOVE IT!! :D So I had a talk with my mission president and he helped me a lot. He also gave me a blessing and it was the best blessing that I have ever had in my life. I must say that my mission president is the best. He is sooo amazing! He can feel the spirit so much and I can feel it through him!

Well I love you guys and miss you all so much!! Hope yall have a wonderful week!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Patrick
                                                      carol when she got married
                                                    at carols marriage
                                                cool diablo rojo!
                                             It was one of the Elders Birthdays so we went to pizza hut

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

American Football!! :)

Hola everyone,

    So this week was great, going to be  short email because I wrote you guys pretty much everything on Wednesday. But yeah tomorrow Carol is getting married so she can be baptized and she also came to church this week. We are just really happy in the work right now. Speaking of work, wanna know what we did for the past week??? We have been walking and walking and walking like no other. We had a zone goal to get 120 lpes, which are basically talking to 120 people about the góspel that we find in the Street or in there houses. Just 120 people we can share a message with. But as a district we had the goal of 200. So this week we did 204. We were working so hard to get these 200 people that we didnt even eat haha. It was sooo much fun. We also stood up on a bus and taught the gospel to all 48 people that were there. Most of them didnt want to listen but there was some that did. Maybe we will get a call this week from someone that wants to learn more about the gospel.

So today we got to play American football... it was the best thing ever. We were like pros compared to the latins in our zone haha. It felt like home!

So yeah this week was great and Im really greatful to be a missionary. The mission has really changed my life and I hope that it can change my Little brothers as well. I miss you all and love you so much. Have a great week and remember to read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY!!! It will change your life! Like really!!!! It is the greatest book in the whole world.

Well have a great night yall!! :)

With love

Hermana Patrick
                                           She reminds me of annissa!! haha
                                             Hermana Anderson and I with Elder Taylor from Texas!! :)
                                                Elder Castillo and I
                                          favorite and most humble family here in Colon!!
                                        when we played soccer with the Elders last week... Im the one in the pink in the middle. yes I know you cant see me but its because I fell down haha... I was the one that took the pictures on everyones camera on self timer haha.. So when I ran back to be in the picture i fell over haha
                                           carol when she got her ring!!
                                             carol and her family
                                                      Another cool bus here

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Las Mujeres!!!! :)

Hola everyone,

   So this week was very interesting so lets just start with a few points...

1. So Im going to start off with a wonderful story that gave me a panic attack the other day.. So here we are coming home at about 9:30pm from one of our citas that we had with some investigators of ours. When we got home our neighboors were having a party and asked if we wanted to play soccer with them and there kids. We told them we couldnt because we had to go to bed in a little while. They begged and begged and we finally just said yes but only for 10 mins. They were fine with that and so we started to play with them. After we were done playing with them we went back into our house to take showers and to plan for the next day. I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom. When I turned on the light something came sprinting out of the bathroom and around the corner. I screamed and ran out of the room. It was the biggest "cockroach" I had ever seen in my whole entire life. It was like 6 inches long. I HATE COCKROACHES!! I told my comp to go and kill it and she walks in the room with some spray to kill it. She goes in and sees how big it is and comes out and is freaking out as well. So we ran to the neighboors and asked for some of the little boys to come and kill it. One of the boys is walking to our house when he looks at me and says "I catch cockroaches for fun"...... ummmmmm gross!!! So anyways, we all walk into the house and go toward the room and then the kids start to freak out and they scream when they see it. They all jump on the bed and are screaming and then I run outside and scream. My comp is laughing soooo hard and then the "cockroach" starts to come out of the house towards me... I run! Then its out of the house and into the street. The boys come outside and they all look at me and say, "that wasnt a cockroach." I asked them what it was and they all scream "IT WAS A MOUSE." Funny story... yeah after that I couldnt breath for like 20 mins. CRAZY!!! 

2. So we were contacting this guy while waiting for a bus and ALL he had to say was LAS MUJERES!! He was like woman are the best thing in the world. If we didnt have woman we would be lost. Every time we tried to talk about something else he would just find a way to turn it back to woman. He was very interesting!!

3. So also in news we were standing on the sidewalk and were waiting for a taxi to come by when this 83 year old lady started talking to us in English. She was sooooo nice!! She was saying that she had a daughter that lived in the states and she learned English here in Panama. We talked for about 10 mins and then gave her a card with our info on it. When we were about to leave she tried handing us $2.00. We told her we couldnt take it and she just fought it haha. After a while she gave up and instead we told her we could give her a hug. She liked that idea! So we hugged her and went on our way. While crossing the street this lady stopped us and told started to yell at us and tell us that we were teaching false doctrine. She started to tell people all around her that we were bad and then we told her we were sorry that she felt that way and she yelled more. She then asked where it says in the Bible the stuff we were teaching people. We told her that it talks a lot about our religión in the Bible but she just yelled and said NO. We didnt want to fight her so we just walked away and told her to have a good day. Nice lady..

4. So the best part about this week was this story right here... So we have 2 families right now that need to be married to be baptized. We have been working a lot with one family and this coming week on Monday they will be getting married. They have been together for 14 years but have never gotten married. So we were at there house for a FHE and while sitting on there sofa the wife Hermana Carol came in and was in tears. We asked her what was wrong and she just showed us her left hand. It was a very pretty ring! We all jumped up and screamed and asked her when she got it. She said she had gotten it like 2 seconds before haha. She said she was cooking and her future husband came in the room and gave her a roll (bread). She said thanks and he walked to the said of the Wall and just waited. Carol took a bite and when she did she felt something hard so she spit it out. Inside was the ring. She turned around and came right out of the room in tears. Not even saying thanks to her future husband she came right to us and told us what happened. It was so amazing! After she told us she ran to him and gave him a Kiss. So cute!! So Monday they are getting married :) So so so excited!! :)

5. So I was sitting on the bus and trying to talk to this lady but she was not having it. I asked her how she was and she just acted like I wasnt even there. I asked her what her name was and same thing. I think she was just having a bad day. Or I was was just way to cute she couldnt stand it. I think the second one ;) haha.

So yeah this week was very fun. We also spent all Monday in the hot Panama heat playing soccer with the Elders. We got sooo sun burned. It was just my comp and I with 10 Elders haha. The other Hermanas didnt want to play.

I have learned so much this week and my testimony is becoming so much stronger. Im so greatful for my mission and for the chance I have to serve the people of Panama, even if its super hot here haha. Yo se que esa es la iglesia verdadero. Nosotros tenemos un salvador que nos ama mucho! Se que El Libro de Mormón es verdadero! Se que las familias pueden ser eternals!


Con mucho amor,
Hermana Patrick


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blessing from the Lord! :)

So sorry in advance but this is going to be a really short email...

1. Bayron got baptized this week and his parents are next. Right after they get married! :) They didnt want to make their son wait for them to get married so they just said baptize him. Good parents! :)

2. I had a virus on my sd card so I couldnt send pictures but this really nice guy fixed it and was able to save all my pictures so now they are all backed up safe and sound on a USB. Great guy! Blessing of the Lord right there!

3. We had changes this week... but Im still the same and have the same comp. We are happy haha. :)

So yeah sorry for the short email guys. Just know that I love you all very much and that the Gospel is true! 


Hermana Patrick

                                                 An activity that we had at church
               The following pictures are... Jose when he got baptized, A cute little girl that reminds me of Gwen, our wonderful investigator family that went to the temple with us, and me and my ZL that went home a couple days ago

                                               Bayron and his family

                                                  My fav. kid in Panama :)
                                                Saturday Bayron got baptized

                                                   After he gets out of the water!
                                                    Today with the Elders in our district

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fun foods and Temple!!


     This week was full of spiritual things... I also have great food stories for you guys so lets get started!

1. So the highlight of my week.... This family that I have been telling you guys about is just amazing. They have been coming to church every week and right now are in the process of getting married so they can be baptized. But this week all the missionaries in my zone planned to go to the temple with our investigators. We rented out a bus and were all supposed to meet at this stop with all of our investigators. So we had 9 investigators that were going to go. Including this family (btw their name is the Alston family). So the Alston family waited for 45 mins with us at the stop and then we get a call from our Zone leader. He says that we couldnt go to the temple because it was closed and they werent letting anyone in the gates. But we had all of our investigators just standing there waiting. So we told our Zls that we were going to get on a bus and just go and walk the outside of the temple with our investigators. It wouldnt be the same but they would still be able to feel the spirit. They gave us permission and we headed on our way. An hour and a half car ride to the city. Our investigators had cars so we just took their cars instead of the bus. We arived at the temple and to our surprise the gates were open. We looked at each other and just decided to go in until they kicked us out. We we walked up to the doors gates of the temple there were people outside working. They just kept looking at us so we knew they werent going to let us in. So we were all about to leave when I got the prompting to just go and talk to them. I walked up to them and they spoke English. They were from the states and were here in Panama working on the temple. I explained to them that we wanted to give our investigators a tour of the temple on the outside and they said "sure why not?" They were so nice and understood everything. We thanked them and they let us all come in. It was such a great experience for this family. We explained the things we can do in the temple and how families can be together forever!! They LOVED that. After the tour the father whos name is William said something to me that I will never forget. He told me that if we didnt find him they would have never knew that the temple was here in Panama and there lives would be as happy as they are right now. He said that he really loves the church and cant wait to be baptized and then a year later enter into the temple. Then he starts talking about his 10 year old son and how he is going to serve a mission when he is 18 so he can help people like we helped them. When I look at William I see happy, peace, and also my dad. He is full of love and really loves the góspel. I see my dad when he joined the church and I looked at my dad before I left to serve a mission and how proud he was of me. I see that in Williams eyes and it stands as a strong testimony to me. When I look at the mother Elizabeth I see my mom as well. Se is always trying to take care of us and really loves us. She is like my mom away from home. Then I look at there son and see me. The same Little kid I was when I joined the church and see what this kid is going to be doing 8 years from now. He will be serving a mission. I hope in Texas so I can feed him haha. This family is sooooo amazing and they are why I came to Panama. I have found them. I have found the people I have came here for. They are sooo amazing!! I wish you guys could meet them. Yall would love them! Words cant describe how I feel about this family.

2. Also this week we walk in rain ALL DAY LONG!! It was fun but a big cold haha. Better then all the heat.

3. So yesterday we had this guy come to church and he stayed the whole time. Then when I walked up to him to see who he was he was like... "can you please baptize me?" He said he really liked the church and wanted to be baptized.. So we shall see what happens with that.

4. So my comp slipped and fell and did some special move to get up. She was really sore afterwards haha..

5. SO WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO TELL MY MOM ALL WEEK!!! So guess what.. This week I have eaten Pig tail, Clam, shrimp, Shell fish and some nasty soup. Pig tail is gross but everything else wasnt too bad. I try tons of new things here mom haha. Also here in Panama they have this fruit called Guanabana. Its sooooo good. They make really good juice out of it.

So yeah guys that has been my week. I love you all and like I say all the time miss yall tons!! :) Hope yall have a great week!!

With tons of love,

Hermana Patrick