Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Americans on Blas, SAY WHAT!!

Hola everyone,

     So last week we had a bit of problems with the computer, being as we are on an island is pretty normal, so we didnt get to write. But so many things have been happening here on the island of Carti Tupile.

So we had a baptism last week. He is 15 years old and his name is Jason. He is amazing and was sooo excited to be baptized. This coming week however we have 6 baptisms planned. I hope they all work out.
Each and every one of them is amazing.

This week we had divisions on our island with the other two sisters of San Blas. My old MTC comp Hermana Anderson and my Zone sister training leader Hermana Moss. So here on our island if you have to go to the bathroom we have to walk all the way to the church because we dont have a bathroom. So Hermana Anderson and I were walking to the bathroom when we saw white people. Yes real white people. I told Hermana Anderson that I wanted to talk to them to see where they were from.But we didnt have to. One of them just marched right up to us and said "hey how are you?" "My name is .... (I think Katy haha) and I served a misión here about 10 years ago". It was amazing to get to talk to her. 1. Her and her companion were the first sister missionaries to ever serve on the islands of San Blas. She told us amazing stories. She also said that her misión stories beat ALL of her friends misión stories, so yep looks like mine will as well.

At the time only 3 islands were open for missionary work and now there are 7. As you can see the Lords work is just moving along!!! They were the only sisters on Blas and the other islands were Elders. Pretty amazing. She was here on the island with her best friend who was not a member and the best friends husband, who was also not a member. She was hoping the trip would bring them closer to the Lord and closer to the waters of baptism haha. They were amazing. They had plenty of American food and made sure to give us some.

On another note we are doing some great work here in the Zone of San Blas. Of the whole mission our Zone is doing the best in the sence of missionary work. So President Carmack (our mission president) wanted to reward us on our hard work. So he came down to San Blas and brought with him Meet the Mormons. Which is you havent seen the movies I highly recommend it. It was amazing. We spent all day with him on the Elders Island of Nargana.

The work of the Lord is really moving foward and you can see it nice and clear.

Testifico de un Salvador amoroso que espera que vivamos los mandamientos. La decisión de cambiar es de ustedes y de nadie mas. La norma del salvador es clara y simple: "Si me amais, guardad mis mandamientos" (Juan 14:15). I love you all and hope that you have an amzing week.

Love always

Hermana Patrick

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just pictures this week

                                               me showering in the river
                                         This is Jason our convert. He just got baptized this week. He is amazing!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

River Shower!!!!!

Hola everyone,

      I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day. I sure did, it was nice getting to skype home to my wonderful family. Hope all you other missionary moms enjoyed it as well.

Well Im not sure exactly what to say being as I talked a lot yesterday. I guess I will just let everyone else know what has been the latest news on the island. So we havent had water here in about a month and a few weeks so its really hard to do anything. We can cook, clean, bath, or anything. So this is gross but it is my mission for the momento. So we have no water and I went 2 days without a shower because of it. So finally we took a boat with some members to the river. When we got there all the Little kids and woman jumped in the water and started to bath. So we did the same. We just took our shampoo and did it. It was actually a pretty cool experience. We have to go again because we have a ton of dirty clothes so we need to wash them. But yeah thats my mission right now. Showering in the river. We also now have 7 dates for people to be baptized in the coming weeks.
We are looking forward to them and really hope that they follow through.

I also hit 10 months in the mission a couple of days ago so that is also super exciting. I will be seeing you all soon.

Well I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful day and week. Read your scriptures and have FHE!!! :)

Hermana Patrick

Monday, May 4, 2015

Island of Carti Tupile

Nuegambi/hola/hello everyone,

    So as everyone knows I had changes thos last week. I was really not looking foward to moving islands or switching companions. But after fasting and praying things are better then ever. My new companion hna. Casco and I are working really hard. We just set three dates for people to be baptized in the coming weeks. At times it is a bit hard because if you know me you know that i lobe to talk. My new comp on the other hand does not. So its just really quite all the time haha.

So first week back on the island and guess what...... no computer.... again. So another phone. I hope all is well next week to skype. Oh yeah I get to skype next week. Happy early mothers day moms!

So things on the island are going good and so is the work. The only thing is my health. I finally talked with the nurses again and they told me that i have a infection in my chest. So now the trick is to get medication out here on the island. Ill be traveling to the other island tomorrow to get it so things should be better soon.

One thing that I love about being out here on the island is that I am learning so much. My testimony is stronger then ever and I am learning alot about the kuna culture. It really is amazing to see how other people live their lives. If i could tell you guys everything aboutthe island then id be here all day. Its really something you have to experience.

I love the savior and I love this gospel. If you dont have you own testimony then go out amd find it. The lord is waiting for you! Have a wonderful week everyone and a happy mothers day to the moms! :)

Hna. Patrick