Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feliz dia de la madre!!!

Well guys yesterday was mothers day here in Panama. So happy mothers day everyone!!! Hope it was awesome haha..

Well this week has been killer hard for me. Lets just start off with that for some reason for the past week Ive had diarrhea. Not really sure why but its happening haha. But all better now. 

This week we also only had 50 people at church which is super low. It was really sad but this next week we are going to work hard so that EVERYONE is there. 

Along with all of this I got told at least 5 or 6 times that I dont know how to speak spanish and when my companion leaves its going to be really hard. So that has been really hard. I also got called the B word by some guys on the street the other day. It was actually quite impressive, they spoke English very well. 

Hard week but I will push through and keep getting better. So today while on the bus with my companion that leaves tomorrow I got a phone call from the Elders. They called to tell me that I needed to be at the mission presidents house at 10 am tomorrow morning. I was so confused.. But they later told me that I needed to go to a trainers meeting because I will be getting a new companion tomorrow in which she is brand new to the mission and I will be training her. The first words from my mouth were "wait your joking right, I cant train." After they assured me that it was not a joke they then told me they think it is an American from the states that doesnt speak any Spanish. The whole two hour bus ride I was super worried and thinking... how can I do this? Two people that dont speak spanish very well. I called Hermanas Hall and Anderson (my MTC comps) and I really loved something they told me. They said that Heavenly Father trust me so much that he gave me one of his children to watch over and train this early in the mission. I now am starting to prep for my new companion. I want to give her the best first companion ever and have her really enjoy the mission. Keep us in your prayers because we are really gonna need it. Teaching lessons is going to be rather hard but Im super excited for all thats in store. Pictures to come next week when I see her tomorrow. 

This week we went on a visit with the Elders to give a blessing to a really sick little girl. Her family is really poor and they live in this place where there are like 20 other family that are poor as well. They feed them what they can and let the sleep but there is nothing really more that they have other then each other. There beds were cardboard boxes and like 2 pair of clothes. After the blessing of the little girl the family asked when we were going to come back to visit them. We are going back on friday and Im super excited. We are going to do everything we can to bring Christmas to this family this year. They have 3 kids and are very sweet. They are not members but I think with time they will see that the gospel will bless them a ton!! Im super excited about this family. We will see what happens. 

Well guys something that I really have been trying to apply in my life lately is the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ. On this mission I have really come to learn what it means for ME! I am so greatful for the gospel and for the many blessings it has brought me in my life. Well I love you all and miss you tons.. Christmas is coming soon. Send me letters :) haha. Love you guys! 

-Hermana Patrick

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