Monday, December 15, 2014


Hola everyone,
       So this week has just been all over the place. My companion Hermana Bennett left to go home last week and I got a call about a few days before she left to tell me that I would be training someone. I was not very excited when they told me that it was someone from the states. I thought for sure that I was going to have a Latina companion next and that my Spanish would improve a ton. I went to go pick up my companion for the mission presidents house and I had no clue who she was going to be. President said that he still needed to pray about it. As the other trainers and I sat waiting for our new companions I was anxious to see where my MTC companions where going to go. Everyone dream in the mission is to serve on Blas, which are the islands. I have wanted to go since I have been out. While wait I got a call from Hermana Hall, my MTC comp. Guess where she was going??? BLAS!! I was soo happy for her but at the same time a little jealous. I didn't really want to be training and do the thing the Lord wanted me to be doing. When I got my new comp. we both realized that we both only speak a little bit of Spanish. We both new that this change in going to be hard. I have never prayed so much in my life. I now understand why I am training. Its not for her but for me. I am learning so much from my new comp. Her name is Hermana Smith. She is from Utah! We have both decided that thing change was going to be the best in the mission. We have been working really hard and are going to do great things. We both speak enough Spanish that we can teach a very good lesson. Im so excited to see what this change has in store for us. Well not enough time this week but here are some pictures that have been long over due. Love you alll and have a great week!!

-Hermana Patrick
                                                   Some of the Elders in my Zone 
                                 My old MTC comapnions got to see each other last week while my old companion was saying by to all her areas. This is us on a bus

                                               This is my new companion

                                           We got to go to the temple on Saturday!!


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