Monday, April 13, 2015

Phone email... AGAIN

Hola everyone

so this week we dont have a computer again. Being out here on the island is a bit hard at times. We get up on pdays to email but no computer. So they use solar energy here. I guess there wasnt any sun today so it didnt work. Which I dont believe because it was REALLY hot today. So sorry in advance for the short email.

so this week we had a pretty good teaching week. We had a ton of lessons with members. We plan to have 2 people baptized this week so we are praying for that. The work is moving along.

So i realized that I told you guys that i was going to attach a picture in the last email and.... nothing haha. Sorry. I have just been really tired latley. Haha. So next week if we have a computer I will send it.

Love you guys... have a great week.

Hna. Patrick :) 

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