Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hola guys, 

      So sorry I didnt get to email yesterday. My companion and I were getting ready to go to the city and we had to go to the Elders island because we took a plane into the city and they have a small airport on there island. 

So like I said we arrived in the city at about 8:00am and we have been getting ready for the upcoming change. Changes are this week and my companion Hna. Hall (my MTC comp) has changes. She is going to be here in the city with another Hermana and I just recieved my new comp today. She is Hna. Casco from Ecuador. She goes home here pretty soon so we will only have 2 months together. This change is going to be pretty hard because she is a latina and she has been kind of hard these past couple of hours I have known her haha. But we will do great work and I am looking foward to working with her. I also am off of Ticantiki (my island) and now on Carti a different island with my new comp. This island will be quite an adventure because there is no light in the house and they use the bathroom outside. (Just like the Kunas). Im kind of sad to be off my island and with a new comp but I know that God has a plan and its what he wants, not me. 

When I found out that I had Hna Casco I was actually really sad because she hasnt been the nicest Hermana in the mission. She is just very foward and kinda makes fun of you for little things. I had so many negative thoughts of her but then I read the scriptures. I just opened it up to a chapter that talked about how Christ suffered everything for us and that all the problems that we have, he understands them. I also read about love and how I could love my new companion. This will be hard but I know that Heavenly Father knows that I can do it. 

So this last week in our island we did some good work. We had a date for someone to get baptized but backed out at the last min. It was really sad but I know one day he will be ready to hear the gospel. 

Well guys I have been pretty sick this week on the island. Im not actually sure what I have because there is no doctor haha. But I talked to the nurse and she gave me some medication so I should be feeling good here soon. Its really hard being on Blas because there is no fruits and veggies. Your body doesnt always get everything it needs so you start to feel a bit weak at times. I have been very tired latley but I know that if I work hard Heavenly Father will provide me with all the strength I need. We are truly blessed to know the gospel and to have it in our lives. I invite you all to really ponder on our savior Jesus Christ and his suffering for us. He is our savior and loves us all.

So do I... I love you all and miss you more then you know. I am super excited to get back home and see the changes that the ward is having. Good luck!! Have a great week

Hna. Patrick

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