Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last week in the CCM! :)

         This week has been good. Nothing too crazy has happened. I got my flight plans, which most of you already know. I'm soooo excited to get out there in the field and talk to people. I'm a little nervous about leaving but at the same time excited. I don't know Spanish as much as I would hope but, its coming. It's a lot better this week then it was last week, that's for sure. I'm also nervous about the food lol. I hate sea food and that's what they eat down there. I hope Heavenly Father blesses me that I will like the food lol. Otherwise, my teacher told me to tell the people that i'm fasting if they try to give me nasty food jaja. Other then that I'm soo ready to go. I know that Heavenly Father is going to bless me if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. 

No crazy stories this week.. But I will tell something that has really hit me this week. So during companionship and personal study we/I studied the 2nd coming. If you read in D&C it talks a lot about it. At first when I was studying I started to get really scared. One of my companions told us a story about her seminary teacher. Her seminary teacher said that one day he was at some meeting with a guy from the 70 and some other people... He said that someone (I think the guy from the 70) stood up and said that Thomas S. Monson was going to be our last prophet. After the guy said that the seminary teacher looked around and asked if anyone heard what he just said. People looked at him crazy and said they didn't hear anything. After the meeting he found out that several other people heard and some people didn't. He said it was because they weren't ready. I think that is soo cool. At the same time I scared. But after talking with my companions and reading in the scriptures a little I know that if you are choosing the right on the Earth right now then it shouldn't be a problem. Heavenly Father is going to make sure that you are okay. I would encourage everyone to read D&C and really think about this. It has hit me really hard this week. I am trying to change and become the best person/missionary that I can be. 

 GWEN CAN TALK?? She never talked that well.. Thats soo funny. "Wait a min." lol She's funny. Yeah kane is kane lol.. Gregory lied?? WHAT?? NOT GREGORY!! haha he's bad but cute. Lisa and Anissa sent me some mail and lisa sent me a package from dearelder. Tell her i said thanks and anissa too. She got me some soda and some candy lol.. Michelle sent me a postcard.. tell her thanks and good luck with the move. Im glad marquee is doing well. I put him a letter in the box and I got the one he sent me. Man seems like everything is going well.. Im doing great and I learn something new everyday. I cant wait to leave and go to Panama. :) SOOO excited. 17 months left. Well less then that lol. 

So I just got back from the temple and mannnnn!!! I leaned soooooo much that I didn't know before. Everyone was right when they said that you learn something new every time. GO TO THE TEMPLE!! It's sooo amazing. 

Well I have no time this week to really talk but I love you all and will see you soon. Ill be in the field in 5 days!! :) Soooooooooo excited!! My next pictures will be ones from Panama. AHH So excited. 

Hermana por vida.... Hermana Patrick

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