Friday, August 8, 2014

No longer 18 months....17 months to go!!!

So this week has been great, in a weird way. Let me start off with a little story.... So the whole time I have been here in the MTC I have been wondering why I'm here. Why Heavenly Father put me in the Provo MTC and not the Mexico. Everyone has been telling me to find out the reason, so I've been trying my best. Well as of Tuesday night Aug. 5 2014, I found out. I found out in the craziest way but I found out. Little did I know Heavenly Father has been giving me signs since the first day. So on Tuesday we had a evaluation after the devotional with the district. Our branch pres., President Pickering told everyone to go around and bear their testimony on what we learned in the devotional. So an Elder in my district (Elder Zibin) stood up and said what he learned. (FYI the devotional talked about the temple and being sealed to our family forever). Elder Zibin is having a really hard time. He told us that his mom is having a really hard time and that she is not a member anymore. She told him before he came out that a mission was the worst thing he could ever do in his life. There is more to the story but he only wants a little shared. Anyways, so his mom is not supportive of him at all but his father is. His mom was a member and was even sealed in the temple but not anymore. He told our branch president and the rest of us that he knows that him and his future wife and kids can be sealed and be a family forever but he is not sure about his mom. He said he didn't have a testimony of it because of his mom. Then the unthinkable happened.... The Branch president stood up and made everyone open their LDM to D&C and read. He made us read about the plan of salvation and who gets to go to what kingdom. The Elder was crying and was having a really hard time and our president just kept going.. To say the least, the spirit was def. not there! But I have learned soooo much from this experience. Every single person in my district has some issue with a family member or friend! They may not be the same experiences but we all help each other is some way. I was able to talk to the Elder (Zibin) about my brother and he just cried. He said that he knows now that he is not alone. I told him that his mom can choose to turn her life around on earth or in Heaven. Heavenly Father isn't just going to say "ohh well!! you messed up on earth so looks like you cant be with your family" NO!! Heavenly Father always gives you a chance to make it right. Now the Elder is doing much better!! He has def. been a huge blessing in my life because my testimony grew soooooo much!! :) What a great experience!! I told him about my brother and he is sooo happy he is doing better! He now has faith that his mom will be just fine. 

I'm just in a story mood today lol... so here is an update on the lady at the immunization place. We saw her again today..... She was in a much better mood lol. She even smiled! :) Good for her!! 

Man I'm just having sooo many awesome things happen to me.. Another story??? okay... :) So last week I didn't send pictures because I lost my cord. I thought I knew where it was but when I got home it wasn't there. That was last week... so here it is this week and last night I decided to do another hunt for my cord. Its no where to be found!! :( So I said a pray last night and looked a little longer but no luck. So this morning after the temple we go to the lost and found and no luck. I say a quick pray that went a little something like this... "Dear Heavenly Father, please help me find my cord. My mom is going to kill me". lol So we walk into the computer lab and I sit down at a computer about to email my mom and tell her the news and guess what!!?? To my surprise my cord was right next to the computer!! :) How awesome!! I cried and thanked Dios for helping me out! Do you get the moral of the story?? Well you need to make sure that your staying close to Dios in everything that you do because he will help you when you need it!! :) 

Spanish: Well its going great!! I am soooo much better! My teachers have told me that I am doing a great job. Yesterday a Elder in my district told me that he looks up to me. He said that the language just comes to him but he sees me working really hard everyday to get better and it makes him want to work harder! :) He said that I'm getting a lot better. and that means a lot coming from him. He speaks Spanish very well. I also learned Joseph Smith's first vision in Spanish!! Pretty sweet!! Also, I pray only in Spanish now! :) 

Fast Sunday was sooo awesome! yep it was great!! :) The spirit has been by my side and I plan to keep it that way. I love the feeling!! 

Also, I get my flight plan tomorrow so I'll let everyone know details later on next week. Im soooooooo excited to finally get to Panama!! 

Lastly, thanks everyone for the letter and emails!! I love them all. Aunt Ashley if you are reading this please send me an email so that I can email you!! I got your dear elder :) I lovedddddddd it!! :) Sister Perrier!! Thanks for the yummy treats you sent and for the card! I loved it! I'll be writing to everyone soon so be on the look out. Yes Aunt Monica, I sent you some mail lol. Check your mailbox it should be there by now, :)

Love you all and miss you soooooo much!! Read your scriptures and pray daily. If you can go to the temple and listen to the words again!! :) Your life will be soo blessed. Also if you have time read D&C 50:21-22     D&C 132: 15, 19 and Moroni 7:33 :) Love you!!

P.S. Sorry about spelling mistakes or anything else. I only have so much time and I don't want to waste it on wording lol. You get what I'm trying to say lol. 

-Hermana Por Vida :) Hermana Patrick! 

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