Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 3... Almost My Mission Birthday!! :)

         So this week has been crazy... let me start off by telling you something that just happened to me and my companions. So one of my companions had to go to the immunization place on campus because she doesn't have all her shots. So we get there and the lady inside was very mean!! She yelled at us because my companion told her that she had all her shots that she needed and that she just came to have them updated. Let's just say she was in a very bad mood!! So after she is in the computer for a while she leans back and tells us to come back next week and get 2 other shots that we don't need. My companion told her that she didn't want to get the other shots because they weren't required and her mom knows nothing about it. Then the lady told us that we would DIE if we didn't have the shots :') I almost died laughing but I didn't. Anyways, she told us we couldn't go to Panama or the temple if we died!! :') So as you can see we were a little confused..... we just told her very kindly that we would talk to someone else about it and she called us snots lol... Then she said that we were smart A words.... Knowing that my mom taught me well... I went and got the manager and told her.. Lets just say she wont be working in the MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT ANYMORE!! :) 

Also this week my companions and I had a hard time. We kind of fought over dumb things but we got it all shorted out and now everything is great. The days are pretty much the same here. Although I could say I love Sunday'sTuesday's, and Thursday's the best.. Sunday is just about the only day where we can relax for an hour. Also on Sunday's we have devotionals... which are the best!! So far in the CCM we have had one member of the 70 and the rest were people at the CCM or ex members of the 70. They are so awesome!! We found out in the devotional that an Elder read the BOM 38 times! So lets hope I can do that to lol. On Tuesday's we have another devotional and we sing in the Choir! And Thursday is P-DAY!!!!!!! :) Those are my favorite days.

My Spanish is going pretty well. My teachers have told me that I have improved a lot so that's awesome!! :) We have three investigators now.. they are going pretty well. One is a little harder then the rest but he will come around. 

So the best thing about this week was I saw someone yesterday!! Not just anyone! :) Guess who I saw?????? Really guess????? I'll tell you in the letter next week so guess ;) lol jk.... I saw ALEX BUTTS!!!! :) OMG!! I walked by a table at dinner and heard someone say "Hey Hermana Patrick", I turned around and there he was!! :) We talked for a little and then I told him we had to take a picture!! So I took a picture with him today (Thursday the 31st) and I will have to send it next week because I left my cord at home. But his P-Day is the same as mine so hopefully he can go to the temple with us next week! He is doing great, I see him all the time. Today he was working on some Spanish and he sounds really good sister Butts!! Don't worry he has a great teacher and great companion. I'll keep an eye out for him! :) 

So I have been studying my scriptures so much and have learned so much in the 3 weeks I've been here. I have never felt so much love from Dios (God) in my life! I feel so close to him everyday and I have seen sooo many blessings. A couple of days ago one of my companions got sick. The Elders in our district were jokingly saying what is we give you a blessing? She said okay... there faces dropped. None of them had ever done it before but they all agreed. All 8 of them put there hands on her head and gave her a blessing! the spirit was soooooooo strong. Afterward she got up from the chair and she said she felt soo much better. Blessing are from God and we will all never forget that moment! I would recommend if you are sick or just feeling down just ask for a blessing. They are sooo powerful and special! 

If anyone gets a chance please read Moroni! All the chapters... It will change your life forever! It has changed mine. 

Well thats it for this week... maybe next week I will throw some Spanish is my letter so be on the lookout lol. Love you all!! Keep sending me letters and DearElders!! I love them!! :) Thank you to those that have sent letters or have prayed for me, I love you! See you in 18 almost 17 months! :) woohooo!!! 

Sorry for spelling or any other errors. I'm rushing plus I've been speaking and writing Spanish so its hard to remember how to spell lol. 

Horah for Israel!! Hermana por vida!!

-Hermana Patrick

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