Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy birthday to me..jaja

Hola everyone,
       So this week Santiago has been in panga! On the first of November they have a day where all the crazy parties start. Then the next day, the second is a day where everyone goes and visits the graves of there loved ones who have passed away. So the attendence at church this week was super low. The next day was another celebration thing but honestly I have no clue what they were celebrating. They just had these parade things in the street. EVERYTHING was closed and no one was in there house. My comps. birthday was yesterday so we changed our p'day to yesterday instead of Monday. Anyways, my comps. birthday just so happenes to be the day of Panamas flag day so again everything was closed. Today is another holiday but not so crazy so things are starting to open back up.
So while Panama was busy partying we (missionaries) were busy working. My comp. and I were on our way to visit a less active and an investigator and were out waiting for the bus to pass when all of a sudden this really drunk guy came up to us. He couldnt walk straight and was asking us where he could find a bar close by. haha... I think he had one to many drinks. I just laughed the whole time and my comp. was trying to get him to back up. The guy wouldnt get away and started getting closer to my comp. So this really nice guy next to us (also waiting for the bus) comes up to the guy and tells him to back off. The guy finally goes away and is walking down the side walk and is going left..... then right....then left.... then right. haha it was pretty funny.
This week has been a week of crazyness but also the work of the lord. So this week we had three investigators at church!! Thats the most since Ive been here. WOOHOO!! We are going to set fechas with them this week (baptism dates). My companion had a goal the make sure at least one came to church so we got up early and got dressed and left the house. We took a taxi to there house and when we got there they were not prepared for church. In fact I dont think they had plans to come. There faces when we walked through the door were priceless. But lets just say they got dressed and came to church. When we got there we also had an investigator come with her mom who is a less active! We are going to visit her today and ask her to be baptized. When my comp and I were about to leave church we had one of the Elders walk up to us and tell us that we had a reference from our area here. He is not a member but has had the missionary lessons before and he felt bad about something he did so he came to church. After church we went to his house with the Elders only to find out that he speaks english. He lived in the states for 9 years for work and learned english. So we are going to visit him again tomorrow and see how he is. Im so excited because we get to prepare a lesson in english haha. So as you can see we have been busy and the work of the Lord is moving along here in Santiago.
So you ready for some dog stories? So this week we were walking to go to a dinner when all of a sudden this huge black dog jumped at us. Its bark sounded like death and I was scared for my life. Good thing the dog was behind a fence because we would have been dead. Well we thought we were off the hook until we turn around and the dog is over the fence. It starts to come for us and we just ran. It bits my comp in the foot and shes down. I look back and my comp. is yelling run Patrick run................................................................................................................................................. Well if you are still reading this the story is made up haha. Well atleast the part about the dog being over the gate and biting my comp. It just sounded alot better the other way.
Well this week I told the Elders it was my birthday as a joke and they thought I serious. So I got free cake haha. After the cake I told them it was a joke and they laughed so all was well. haha.
Well thats all for this week. We have some work to be doing today. Love you all and miss you tons.

-Hermana Patrick
                                This is a cool go cart that I saw. thought gregory might like it.
This is just were some of the nice house are at.

                      This is the video of me smashing her face. lol

                    My comp holding a bird that a member had.

                               My comp got a flag for her birthday. The two guys in the picture are an                                         investigator and a less active
                                 Small birthday party for my comp.
                      Me smashing the cake in her face

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