Monday, January 5, 2015


So this week has been very exciting!! So we have progressing investigators right now. One, whos name is Luis, is super awesome! He is so ready to be baptized but as most of you know he cant be because he is still living with his girlfriend. Another problem is is that he doesnt want her to move out because he wants to marry her. Well thats all great but guess what? He is married to someone else. They split up along time ago and filed for a divorce but Luis is not sure if it ever got finalized. So this week we get a call at about 5:45am from Luis. He called us to tell us that he found some papers about the divorce but hes not sure if its finalized. The papers wernt signed by a judge so we had no clue either. Lets face it, ive never been divorced before haha. Anyways, so we see that there is a website listed at the bottom of the paper. We get to a computer and go to the link. We find a phone number and call. Oh just fyi Luis lived in the states for like 25 years of his life (yes speaks English) and so his marriage was in the states. So we go to the store by a calling card and call the number. Someone answers the phone but shes they cant help until Monday morning when the office opens at 8:30am. So this weekend... it being fast Sunday, my companion and I did a fast with Luis for his divorce. Today we got up and called only to find out that the divorce was finalized in May of 2007. WOOHOO!! How exciting is that. We are going to get him married and in the water ASAP! We are so excited for him. So far in the mission this is one of the great events. I just love watching how Luis is changing through the gospel. Its so wonderful.
Also this week we have another investigator that is making wonderful progress. Her name is Duby. She is in Mosiah chapter 11 right now in the Book of Mormon. She is fantastice. She came to church this sunday and loved in as well. She will be getting baptized the 17th of this month.
This week has been a week of blessing everywhere. We are just so excited that out area is progressing.
Along with a week of blessings comes its hard times. So this week I was filling a little sick and then about two days later I woke up and couldnt talk. We called the nurse and she told us to go to the doctor because alot of the missionaries have strep throat. So we went to the doctor and guess what, I had strep. We got some medication and had to stay inside the house all day. We couldnt go out to work. I feel a lot better now and we are working hard.
Well Happy Birthday to My dad and Aunt this week. Love you guys. I miss you all and hope you have a wonderful week. I have been reading a lot of conference talks this week so I would invite you guys to read some as well. Really ponder what the words say. Well, Happy New Year!!

-Hermana Patrick

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