Monday, January 26, 2015

Never coming back... or are you???

Hey there everyone!!
      Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Guys guess what?? Im about to be 20 years old :O haha. I cant believe it. I think my district has somthing in mind for me... i guess we will see! :)
Well guys this week has been great.We have really been working hard and trying are best to teach. Its a little hard because we both dont speak the language very well but we are trying are best. Keep us in your prayers.
So this week we have been working really hard with the less active members because there are over 600 of them in Santiago. So we have been working with this one in particular for a while and he told us that he had a testimony but was never coming back to church. Well guys guess who was a church this Sunday? Yep you guessed it haha.. he was!! I was super amazing because his brother is also a less active member and he came to church also. Along with Jean Carlos (who is his son/ investigator). It was just a big family reunion at church yesterday! Wonderful!! We had about a 75 attendence at church yesterday which is the best its been in a really long time. So we are trying to keep that up. If we get 100 people at church for 6 weeks, we get a big chapel. So we are aiming for that goal and higher.
So this week Hna. Duvy got confirmed a member of the La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias!! What a blessing for her. She was sooo excited. She is also really excited about going to the temple in March. She is just a wonderful person.
So guys, you ready for a wonderful story? Well here you go..... So here we are, my companion and I walking down the street going to vistit Luis who is an investigator. So we stop at his house to ask him if he would like to go with us to get something to eat. I dont know if I have ever told you guys this but his mom is a little crazy. She hates us and doesnt like that we are teaching her son. She says we teach him bad things.................... hmmm.... well anyways, we went to his house and yelled out for him to come out. Mind you, his mom is like 90 years old and crazy. She comes out and starts yelling at us in English NO NO NO!! I DONT WANT!! NO NO NO! I DONT WANT YOUR RELIGION!! We just stood there and looked really scared. Then she says in Spanish... and I quote "voy a llamar la policia" then she said... voy a hachar los ladrones es como decirle a ellos que le hagan algo malo a nosotros. Which is english means that she was going to call the police on us and she was going to call robbers to do bad things to us... Shes nuts!! Haha.. We thought it was pretty funny. I just looked at her and said "Hermana" and then she jumped in a said NO I AM NOT YOUR SISTER.... Lets just say we wont be at her house anymore to meet with Luis. We will be meeting him at the church from now on.
Well guys... I hope you all have a wondeful week and day. Love you all.. Dont forget my birthday Feb. 7th haha. Love you all.

El evangelio de Jesucristo bendice a todas aquellas personas que lo aceptan y lo vivan. (the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses people who accept and live the gospel)

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