Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SmashBurger!! :)

So this week was filled with fun adventures...

So my companion had to go to the hospital to give some samples of blood and stuff for the gastritis that she has to make sure that she doesnt have anything worse. The Elders also had to go to the doctor because one of the Elders hands got broken so they went with us... So at the end of this longggg day we are in the lab to give the blood and stuff and this white guy walks in. So Elder Roney the new Elder in our ward looks at me and says "do you think he speaks English or Spanish." After about 5 mins of talking about it we just decide that Elder Rodrigez the Elder from Guatemala that speak NO English to talk to the guy. He walks up to him and ask him if he spoke Spanish. The guys looks at Elder Rodrigez and is like "umm no." So he trys to talk to him in the VERY LITTLE ENGLISH that he knows and the guy is just looking at him like WHAT??? So them Elder Rodrigez looks at me and says "ayudame por favor," which means help me please... So we all laughed and I jumped in and found out that he was from France and said that he spoke English... which I think was a lie because he didnt really understand what we were saying. We asked him for his name and he was just like WHY?? Then we explained that we were missionaries and tried to give him a card and he was not having it. He was a little rude but hey... asi es la mision. It was very interesting.. After he left we just all laughed really hard. So yeah that happened..

Also this week was changes week... My comp and I stayed the same but Elders Roney from Utah, and Garcia from Honduras are new to the area. They are both really sweet and hard working Elders!! :) So Elders Garcia and Gonzalez had lunch with us the other day and when they came it was pouring outside. We only had two umbrellas so we all had to share. We got sooooo wet!! When we got to our lunch we were all super wet and then after lunch it was still raining. So we walked in the rain some more to go to the church for a Zone Meeting that we had. When we got to the church they had all the fans on and it was sooooo cold. YES COLD IN PANAMA!! WHO KNEW!! So yeah now im sick! But get this... it wasnt just one day in the rain it was 3. So yesterday at our dinner with the Elders at a members house I had a really high fever. The Sister that we were eating with gave me some meds to make the fever go down so that helped a lot. We went home and I got some sleep and now I feel a little better but still a little blah!! I think tomorrow should be fine though. 

Today we played soccer again today in the nice heat of Panama and then after that we beat the Elders in Basketball!! Thats always fun!! :) 

So yeah that was pretty much my week... Oh and did I mention that they have a SmashBurger here in Panama?? Well they do and me and my comp went last week. It was soooo good. We also got to go to Taco Bell!! It was the best thing ever!! :D 

Well I love you guys and miss you tons #seeyouin9 Wow only 9 weeks!! How fast the time has gone!! Well love you guys!! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Patrick
                     Me and my comp were really excited to not have changes that we ate candy and took a no changes picture! :)
                                                             Us with Ilian
                             Us at the hospital... Elders Rodrigez and Roney and my comp and I
                                                    Smash Burger!!
                                                      Smash Burger selfi
                                                       Me and Elder Garcia

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