Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference and Carol :)

Hola todos,

 Bueno this week was a bit lazy... My comp still is sick so we have been in the house for the whole week. But she is starting to feel better now so this week we will be back to work. 

But on the bright side we did have 2 people enter into the waters of baptism this week. It was Carol and her son. Carol just got married and now she is baptized. She is making so many great changes in her life. 

Well this week was my last General Conference as a missionary. For some reason I feel like the talks hit me more as a missionary then they have ever before. I really liked all the talks that were givin by everyone and the call of the 3 new apostles. We watched it in Spanish and for some reason I get a lot more out of the talks then I ever had before. 

Well guys I love you and hope yall have a great week. I have noticed that my emails are getting shorter and shorter as my mission comes to an end but I promise that next weeks email will be better haha. I love you guys!!

Hermana Patrick

                                                         Hadid After being baptized :)
                                              Carol walking out after being Bpatized!!! :)
All 3 of them together! The Brother in Law of Carol (His name is Leonardo Antonio Diaz!! Almost Grandpas name!!)) Carol and Hadid all clean and new!!! 

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