Monday, November 9, 2015

Party in Panama

Hey everyone,

   So just to start off Im sorry that I didnt write this last week. EVERYTHING was closed including the internet place where we write. So yeah.. It Panamas patriotic month so they have been partying it up like crazy here. The even blocked down the street by out house to have a huge party. Well we do live in the ghetto next to 3 bars so what do you expect. 

So to be quite honest I have no clue what to write in my email this week. My mind is doing a blank. But Ill try and give you guys something. 

So Halloween...... Yeah that doesnt happen here in Panama. I couldnt reamember that from last year but now I remember. Everyone just drinks and parties. They dont really even know what Halloween is they just know how to drink haha. 

So we are teaching the Elders how to speak English and they a really coming along. Its funny to hear them speak because of there accents but they are getting really good.We have some crazy people hear that try and speak English to us all the time so we walk up to them and speak English and they are just like ummmm... ya no.. We dont speak English. So thats always fun. 

Well sorry guys Im not sure what else to give you and im running short on time. Just know that I love you all and I will send pictures. Picture paints 1000 words right??

Con Amor,

Hermana Patrick

                                                     our group from the mtc

                                                                         temple trip
                                                  she looks like Gwen!! She makes me happy! :)

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