Monday, November 30, 2015

Santiago!! :) Bitter sweet!!

Hola everyone

    So sorry for not writing very much the last couple of weeks. It has been crazy around here in Panamá! Its actually been really sad around here these last couple of weeks. Changes are this week and there are a lot of missionaries that are going home. A ton of my friends have left and are leaving this Thursday! It makes me really sad to see everyone go home but they have served a good 2 years and 18 months and its time for them to be with there familes. Speaking of going home..... I come home in just a few short 3 weeks! Its crazy how fast time is going by. I have been being a baby and crying a lot these last couple of weeks because of very mixed emotions. I am ready to go home to be with my family but at the same time I love the people that I have served with and that I am serving here in Panamá. Its been a bit hard these past couple of weeks but I know it will all work out fine. 

So I got to go to Santiago last week to say by to all the people in that area. It was a day full of tears! I even got a hug from Jean Carols and Raul haha... It was a been strange but at the same time normal. They were both crying and telling me that I helped there family a lot and then they said they were going to miss me. It was a very spiritual and sad moment. And at the end when I went for the hand shake they gave me a hug haha... So that happened. 

Well we have been doing a ton of work this week and I feel that my testimony is growing even more now then ever!! Well guys all I can say is these next 3 weeks are going to go by sooo soo fast and Im going to make the best of them. I love you all and miss you tons!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Patrick

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