Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tupacs back Tupacs back!!!! :D jaja

Hola everyone!!! 

     Well I hope everything is going great in the wonderful place we call Texas!!!! :) Well guys this week has been super crazy and filled with some more tears!! This last week was changes week and guess who had changes??? Thats right ME!! Me and Hermana Garcia cried for a while before packing her things and sending her to another part of the city. Its really sad because I only have less then three weeks left in the mission and we were really thinking that we werent going to have changes. But I guess you guys are probably wondering why the subjuct of this email is "Tupacs back." If you werent wondering that..... still going to tell you! 

So my new comps name is Hermana Tubac... haha... So when she called me to tell me that she was my new comp. I asked what her name was and she told me but I thought she said Tupac... So yeah thats what happened there. She is super cool. She is from Guatemala and has 14 months in the mission!! We get along great! Shes helping me brush up my Spanish skills as well before I go home so thats helpful. But yesterday she told me that I talked like a Latina so thats always great to hear!! 

The hard part is is that I have to teach her the area in less then 2 weeks before I go home. She is a little nervous and so am I but I think we can pull it off. She remembers things really fast so that helps. We have been doing a lot of walking to try and get her to remember everything and my body is just shuting down! Everything hurts haha... Everyone keeps asking me what the first thing Im going to do when I get home is... Sleep is what I say haha. But yeah these next couple of days are going to be nice and walkie!!! But a wise Elder once told me... "sometimes we have ketchup and sometimes we dont." I dont know about you guys but thats super funny!! Well I guess you think anything is funny when you hear it in English nowadays!! haha. 

Well we had something really cool happen this week. My comp and I were walking down the street when these 2 little girls stopped us. They were 10 and 12 years old. They told us that they wanted to listen to what we had to say about Christ. We talked to them for about 10 mins what all of a sudden they wanted us to sing to them. So we sang a hymn with them and afterwards they took us to there families house to meet everyone. No one was home except for the 14 year old sister so we sang another hymn and invited them to church on Sunday. Afterwards the little girls were trying to take us to everyones house to sing and share a message. It was wonderful to see such young children have the desires to share and listen to the gospel! Such sweet little girls!!

Well guys pictures to come.. its been a while!! I love you all and thanks so much for all the emails!! See yall in like 19 days haha!!

Con mucho amor

Hermana Patrick

                                                                     temple trip
                                                       Elder Roney climbing a tree haha

                                                        my new comp and I

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