Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last one!


   Well I dont even know where to start. Its been a long 18 months and now its coming to an end. Haha I remember my very first day in the mission and I couldnt even speak Spanish para nada!! Y ahora.. mírame! JAJA. Well guys I just wanted to tell you guys a few things a learned on the mission and along with that my testimony. 

So if there is one thing that I have learned on my mission it is that Christ lives!! He loves each and everyone of us! We are all his children and we can return back to live with him. I cannot even write my testimony because there is no words to describe what the mission has done to my life. I have learned that we need to share the gospel with EVERYONE... Ive even tried that with the dogs on the streets here in Panamá... not so much the same but you guys get the point. I love this gospel and for the way it has changed my life. Im a new person!! I have learned the importance of the scriptures. They arent just there to sit around and look nice a my desk but to read and to learn and grow! To help me become more like Christ!! He was perfect and I want to try my best to be like him. I learned that the first hour of church is SO important. We get to remember our savior Jesus Christ! Who dont want to do that?? I would hope and pray that everyone does. 

This gospel is here so that we can all have happiness in our lives! So I have learned that I always need to have a smile on my face. I have to show everyone else that Im happy and when they see that they will want to know why Im so happy. We can share the gospel with just one little smile. We can changes someones life with just one little smile! Here on the mission I have helped our Heavenly Father change the lives of many of his children. It has been my honor to do that and I wouldnt change these last 18 months for anything!! I have learned to pray and know when my prayers are answered. I have recieved my own testimony of the gospel and know that I will have a happy life if I try to be more like Christ everyday. Heavenly Father knows and loves each and every one of us. He knows how many hairs I have on my head! What more could you ask for!!??

I have meet some VERY humble families here in Panamá!! They have touched and changed my life forever and I will never forget them. Speaking of these people I would like to share something about one of these families. So there is this family here in my area and they are so amazing! Theres a mom, dad and 2 kids. Kids are 8 and 2 years old. So this family is just the best... like I said. They have been through some really hard times and are trying to move into a house a little bigger then the one they have now. There house now is about 5 yards long and they are moving into one that is about 8 yards. As you guys can see not much with two kids. But you know what?? They are the happiest family I have ever met in my life. They come to church every Sunday with the same clothes they had on the last week and they just have the biggest smile on their faces! We go to there house every Saturday to help them with the construction of there new house so they can move into it. They have there 8 year old boy with a really bad heart condition and their 2 year old daughter just broke her leg after falling of the bed that all 4 of the sleep in. And you guys wanna know something else? They never complain. They always have this huge smile on their faces! I didnt get it... How could this family be sooo happy with so so little. So I asked them and you wanna know what the mother said to me... she said "Patrick, I have the gospel and my family. What else do I need?" Wow!! Can you say that something just smacked me in my face! I realized that I have the same thing she has but I just am sad or angry. I can smile and be happy just as she is! She is a great example of Christ to me!

Guys I dont know what else to say. These past 18 months have changed my life. From living on an island to wonderful food. I have learned sooo much! These were the best 18 months!! Im so thankful to everyone that has helped me along my path and just wanted to say that I love you all and will see you on Saturday haha. This gospel is wonderful and I love everything about it! The church has been restored on the Earth today and we have a prophet!! Thomas S. Monson!! We can all find happiness and joy through the gospel. Just open your eyes and its there!! :) 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Patrick

                                                     last sunday in church

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