Monday, February 2, 2015


Hola everyone,
      So this week was great, a little sad as well. To start off I got attack by a monkey haha. So there was a monkey tied to a tree and my companion and I stoped to take pictures of it and why we were at it contact the guy that lived there. So here we are taking pictures of the monkey and I tell my companion I want to pet it. It was cute and was just sitting there. My companion said that she thinks it bites but I was like no it doesnt, look at it its soooo cute. As Im telling her this she looks down at her camera and is looking all her pictures. Next thing you know the money screams and is on top of me trying to bit me. I just start screaming and kicking but the monkey wont get off. What was my companion doing you ask?????......... Laughing the whole time!!! She thought it was soooo funny. Finally the monkey got off and started throwing things at me! Then the owner came out with a smile on his face and picked up the monkey trying to make me pet it.... After it just attacked me. Lets just say I hate monkeys now haha.
Well also this week we had an investigator that had a baptism date set but not anymore. We went to his house to teach him and he was drinking. He came to the porch drunk with his friend and were trying to get me and my companion to go somewhere with them on friday. My companion being nice told them no thanks and then he just kept asking and asking so I finally told them.... Look buddy! We are missionaries and we are here to preach the gospel, not play! We will see you at church on Sunday. Kinda rude but they were being a bit creepy. He didnt come to church yesterday. We will send the Elders to him and if not just let him come to church on his own.
Well this week I have been studying the scriptures alot. I found out alot of things that I didnt know... Like why we have a rainbow. Super cool stuff you find when you study the scriptures!! Well next week we have to stay in the house for 3 or 4 days because of some events that they are having and its a little scary so we have to stay inside. During this time I will try and read all of the new testament and the BOM again. m super excited. Ill let you guys know how it works.
Also guys, guess what?? This week is my birthday!!! WOOHOO!! 20 years old haha... We are going to like the only mexican resturant here in Panama for dinner. Im so excited.
Well guys thats all this week. I love you all and miss you tons. Hope everyone has a great week!!
Hermana Patrick
My tan line haha, my companion and I at church yesterday


                                                      TAN LINE
                                                              MY COMP

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