Monday, February 23, 2015

Cinnamon Rolls! :)

Hola everyone,
 Super short email this week. So we had an area 70 come and talk to us. It was amazing he really said some great things that we will be trying to apply as missionaries in the Panama Mission. While there I met this girl from Utah thats new to the mission. She said she read my blog before she came out and that she loved it! :) Im famous here in Panama. Not to metion they have this new famous shoe that just came out and wanna know what they are called?? Patrick´s!! Haha. Awesome stuff.
Also while at the store today I saw cinnamon rolls (which I havent had in 7 months) at the store. They never have cinnamon rolls!! They were $4. Lets just say that was the best $4 ever spent. haha.
Well guys, sorry to bore you today. Nothing much to talk about. We had a very slow week because of the lock in and everything. But we will be going to the temple March 7th so thats fun!!
Love you all and miss you tons!
-Love Always Hermana Patrick
                         Bus picture on the way back from hearing the 70 speak. This is my Zone!!

                               My comp did my hair haha... Another bus picture
                               We got lost yesterday and found this... super pretty

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