Monday, March 2, 2015

E changes to where.......???

Hola friends and family,

       So on Saturday I got a call at about 9am from the A.P.'s of the mission. They called to inform me that an hermana on the San Blas islands didnt have a companion because of... well reasons. The next thing they said was something that will never leave my memory. They said "hermana patrick, your going to San Blas!!" I just about cried when I heard the news... then they told me who my companion was and I actually cried. Hermana Hall (my mtc companion) was my new comp. We are sooooo excited!! If you dont know what or where San Blas is at go on google and look it up. Its soooooooooooo pretty I cant even tell you. I am living on an island right now!!! With kuna people!!! This is for sure a mission of a life time. Im just surrounded by beach everywhere. The caribean! Its so blue and wonderful. They dont speak much spanish at all so I will be switching my mission lang. to kuna for a while. Its hard but sooo worth it. I havent been to my island yet but we will head out in the morning. Right now we are on a different island with another set of sisters for today. Tomorrow will be great! I wish I could send you guys pictures but the computers catch on fire here so I cant haha. Im actually using a phone right now because our computer set on fire. You can walk from one end of the island to the other in 5 mins. Its just wonderful here. Well I have to go guys. Ill give you all the details next week when we hopefully have a computer. Have a great week!!!! :)

-Hermana patrick

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