Tuesday, July 21, 2015

American Food

Hola everyone,
    So this week has just gone by soo fast. I feel like when your in the city the mission just flies but when your on the islands its sooo slow haha. 

Well this week was fun... We are still in the city with the sisters here and there area is amazing. I got to go to church in almost ALL english. It was like a ward from the states. In this area there are tons of Americans because they all work in the embassy and things like that. So not everyone but a lot of people speak English here. It has been great to be here for the past week.

So church was amazing and not only that but the members here are from the states or are married to someone from the states so they all cook American food. IT IS AMAZING!! I have had sooo much food this week that I think I gained like 20 pounds haha. Which is good because everyone says I lost wait on San Blas. 

So fun things for this week...

1. We met a crazy black lady this week. She was AMAZING haha.. So we were contacting everyone and no one would let us in or take are cards. They all told us that they didnt want to listen and same old things that people tell you when they dont want to listen. So we knocked on this ladies door and she didnt want to listen so she told us to go talk to her neighbor. So we did. We knocked on the door and she swung it open and starts talking really ghetto spanish to us. She asked us where we were from and when she found out what church we went to she yelled "oh their Mormons" to the people inside the house. She asked is where we were from and then I told her the states. She asked where we lived at in the city and we told her. Then she said "so you walked all the way hear?" and we said yes, then she was like come in!! So we came in and she was like you have a few mins to tell me about what the Mormons are and thats it. She didnt want to read anything she just wanted to know why are church was sooo different then the others. So we explained the Restoration of the Gospel to her in 5 mins. We told her that we had apostles and prophets that still walk the earth today. She liked the message but then went to tell us about 20 other churchs and how they all believe in God so they are all good. We just explained that we are the only true church today and she understod that. So she gave us some juice which Im not really sure if it was tea or not. We asked and she just said juice but Im not to sure about that.. Anyways, we had a great lesson with her and right when we were about to leave she gave us $10. We told her that we couldnt take the money but she got really mad and yelled at us so we took the money and are going to put it in the fast offerings at church. Great time!!

2. We saw an alligator this week. Super cool.

3. My comp and I talk in Kuna to each other. Its great haha..

Well my faith has just been growing and growing so much here on the mission. Im sooo greatful for this 18 months that I have to learn and grow. I love you all and miss you sooo much. We are going to go each American food right now and speak in English with some members right now. Have a great week everyone. Oh and happy late Birthday to my mom!! Love you mom!!!

Love always,

Hna. Patrick

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