Monday, July 13, 2015

In the city!

Hola everyone,

     So this week has really been fillid with wonderful adventures!! So lets just start off with a few.

This week my comp was filling a little sick so we took it easy and let her rest. As the day went on she got sicker. She was having diarrea a lot and was not eating. She hadnt drunk anything that day and was filling really weak. She was looking really pale and was really  dehydrated from not eating or drinking all day with a mix of the diarrea. She was looking pretty bad so I gave the nurse a call.

The nurse said that I needed to get my comp to the hospital NOW! Well problema with that... we are on an island. I called our Zone Leaders and they talked to our misión president. He called me and told me to bring my comp to the city ASAP. So we tried everything to get her there but we couldnt. We ended up going to the Centro de Salud, a medical center on one of the islands. They gave her an IV as everyone sat and watched the soccer game. Very disfunctional doctor. My mom and dad would have been upset if they were there. So my comp didnt have her mom there with her so I played mom haha. I yelled at the doctors for not watching my comp and not being worried about her. So they got focused and helped her out.

She felt a little better the next day but was still really sick so we called our misión president and he told us to come into the city. We came in that next morning and went to the hospital. They took some samples of blood and other weird things and then gave her an IV as we waited for the results. They said it was a some type of infection but we knew that wasnt right. So today we went back to the doctor and got some more test. She ended up having a bacterial infection. She is doing much better today and has to drink LOTS of fluids. Just pray for her!

So now we are in the city and will be here for about 8 days or so until we know changes again.

I am also really happy that my little 8 year old brother got baptized this week. He is sooo big!! SO cute!! And So bad haha. I love him.

I miss you all and I know that this church is true!! This is the ONLY true church on the face of the earth!

with love,

Hna. Patrick

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