Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hola buenas tardes,
    Pues this week has been sooo great! I had changes and I am no longer a San Blas sister. They actually took out all the sisters on Blas and now there are all Elders. We are really running low on sister missionaries here on Panama so we have had to close a lot of sister areas. So my comp,Hermana Anderson and I were the last sister missionaries on Blas. Kinda cool. 5 months on an island was the best but I was glad for changes. 

Now I have a new companion Hermana Garcia and also a new area. I am now in the area of Colon which by the way is the best ever. We live in the ghetto haha.. Here in colon is where we take the diablo rojos which in English would be red devil. They are buses that play really loud music and they have lights and crazy people. Its a school bus on steroids to say the least. Its so AMAZING! The people here are great. There are a ton of black people and they all speak spanish, which I thought was very weird but cool at the same time. My companion is Hermana Garcia and she is from Cali. Although her name sounds latin she is not. Her Grandmother was from cuba so thats where she gets her last name from. Hermana Garcia is awesome!! We get along great, she is pretty much me but different haha. So yeah shes great. 

So we have already had soooo many experiences this week...

1.  So here we are walking down the street contacting some houses when all of a sudden this guy from across the street starts to yell out... "Aye Barbie" and we are just really what?? So he just kept yelling it tell we looked at him. We walked across the street and he said that he wants to learn more about our church and wants us to come to his house right at that second. We could tell that he had been drinking so we told him that we would come back another day and he refused to tell us where he lived. Which I thought was strange being as he contacted us haha. So he walks us to the end of the street to where we meet his friend by the name of verde. Which if you know Spanish that means green. So his friends name is green (yes like the color) and he tells him that we are gonna come to his house. Then he asked my comp if she could come alone. My comp looked at me... now lets take a step back for a second. My comp only has 2 changes in the mission. This is her third and she is still learning spanish.... So back to the story. My comp looks at me as if she couldnt believe what she heard. She thought it was the Spanish but when she looked at me and saw my face she knew that thats what he had asked. So we explained that we have rules as missionaries and that we have to stay together all the time and he was like "its cool my grandma will be home". My comp and I looked at each other and started to laugh so hard. The guy then kept trying to flirt with my comp so me... being Hermana Patrick and all, asked him if he had a wife and kids. He said yes. Then I asked him why he was trying to flirt with my comp if he had a wife and kids. 9 kids by the way... He then said "look at my hand, do you see a ring? NO, So its okay". Then he said, "my wife doesnt have to know what I do". We were so sad but laughed because he was really drunk and couldnt even stand up. We then talk to him about eternal families and he didnt really want to listen. He just flirting with my comp. Then in the middle of me talk he puts his finger up to my face and tells me to hush. He then asked my comp if she was married. My comp looked at me and I shouted YES! haha. Then he walked away. So that was really fun! Actually really funny!! 

2. We had the BEST lesson ever!! So we have an investigator named Jose. He is this really tall black guy and his mom reminds me of my grandma Carol. She is soo soo sweet. She is a member but Jose is not. Jose is about 25 years old. His picture will be in the email. But we thought him about the restoration of the Gospel and he loved it. He will be baptized in the coming week but we have to finish teaching him the lessons. The problem with that is is that he lives in the ghetto ghetto so the Elders have to come with us to the lessons because we cant go by ourselves. But he is the best. Speaking of him, his mom just called and she wanted me to say hi to everyone so Hi haha. 

3. We had another great lesson with Michell. She is 21 and amazing. We were teaching her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson we asked if she wanted to be baptized by someone who hold the preisthood and she said "clearly I want to!!!!!" It was amazing. So she will actually be baptized this Sunday. She great!

So yeah that was all. I am also starting the Book of Mormon again but this time I am studying it so much better. I have tons of things marked and have learned many new things. It is really such a great book. My testimony is growing so much and I feel like such a different person. I know that Heavenly Father really does love each and everyone of us. The more I teach that to people the more I understand. I really love being a missionary. The work is great and so is Panama. (they beat USA in soccer the other day, that was sad but cool haha). I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Oh and make sure to take advantage of priesthood blessings. That was one thing I wish I would have done before the mission. They are amazing!! 

With love,
Hna. Patrick 

The pictures are of a diablo rojo and Jose and his family. As there is a picture with my new comp and I. She is the one on the left. The white one haha

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