Monday, August 17, 2015

Hollalujah... Amen?? :)

Hola everyone,

   So this past week was a week I will never forget. So many different things happened so lets get started. 

1. So we were in a lesson with one of our investigators and she told us that she didnt have enough time to read the things we gave her because she was soooo busy. So as we talked to her about the importance of scripture study we told her to just open up the Book of Mormon and read the first scripture that her eyes see. So se did and it was Jacob 6:7-9 which says......

7 "For behold, after ye have been nourished by the goodword of God all the day long, will ye bring forth evil fruit, that ye must be hewn down and cast into the fire?

 8 Behold, will ye reject these words? Will ye reject the words of the prophets; and will ye reject all the words which have been spoken concerning Christ, after so many have spoken concerning him; and deny the good word of Christ, and the power of God, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and quench the Holy Spirit, and make a mock of the great plan of redemption, which hath been laid for you?

 9 Know ye not that if ye will do these things, that the power of the redemption and the resurrection, which is in Christ, will bring you to stand with shame and awful guiltbefore the bar of God?"

After she read this she looked up at us and was like "wow Hermanas, I need to do what Im supposed to do otherwise I will be cast into the fire". We were just like Ha yeahhhhh..... So that was a great lesson with her. But she still didnt come to church on Sunday :( 

2. So my companion and I were walking down the street when these 6 drunk guys started to yell at us. They live kinda by our house and they yell at us every time we walk by, but we never talk to them. So this week we talked to them. We walked up to them (sitting infront of a bar) and started to talk with them about the gospel. We gave them some pamphlets about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to church. Then all the guys that were sitting around started to come up and they all wanted pamphlets. So we gave like 20 out to everyone that wanted one. We taught them all a quick lesson and then said a prayer... yes a prayer infront of the bar haha. We asked one of the guys to pray but he said he couldnt because he had been drinking so he made me say it. As I did I prayed for all of them and their families and said Amen. They thanked us and ever since then they respect us ALOT more. When we walk by instead of them yelling and saying bad things, they just say hi. Good guys... I hope one day they come to church.

3. Also this week we got rained on in the Ghetto with the Elders. We have one part of our area that we arent allowed to go to if the Elders arent with us because its a red zone. Seeing as 3 people have died in the last week I see why. But we only go to that area once a week or once every 2 weeks. One, because its far away and two, its crazy haha. So we were visiting one of our investigators in that area that is getting baptized soon. But on the way out of the lesson it was pouring down raining. The Elders, my companion and I just started to run. There was lighting and thunder everywhere and there was no bus. So we waited and waited and waited and waited until a bus came. Great times.... we were all soaking wet haha.

4. So this week was a contacting week because ALL of our appointments fell through. So we stopped at this house and this older lady came out. We started to talk to her about the gospel and the whole time she kept saying AMEN! No joke she was like Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.... to everything we said. If we said we liked pizza she was like Amen. Then she was like Hollalujah!!! So we talked to her for a bit then said a prayer... She said the prayer and was like Hollalujah and Amen the whole time. We didnt know when to say Amen so we just waited until she stopped talking. It was quite fun!! :) Then we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her we would come back the next day to talk with her more about the Gospel. So we came back the next day and she told us she didnt want to learn anymore because she didnt like the Book of Mormon. She said she had the Bible and she didnt need another one that was different. So my companion just bore her testimony to her and I gave the lady 2 Nephi Chapter 29 to read. Then we left her house. If you dont know what 2 Nephi Chapter 29 says go read it.... its amazing. Im sure that lady read it and was like WHAT haha. 

5. So also this week we went contacting with this kid and his mother. We told the kid that it was his turn to contact and so he walked up to these 3 guys that were sitting outside. He walks up and says, "Hola, Bueno... We are inviting people to church.... you know.... over there... and yeah... we wanted to know if you guys wanted to come?....." The guys said "Yeah sure where and what time?" and the the kid says "I dont know.... like.... over there.... at like 9 or something... At Nuevo colon... you guys gonna come?" Then they laugh and say yeah haha. Funny kid. He was really nervous, but hes going to be a great missionary some day. 

6. So the last thing I wish to write about... so we were in this one part of our area thats about an hour and a half away. There was this drunk guy that came up to us and was like hi. We were like ummm okay... then he started to offer us a beer. We told him no and he was like why? Then we told him we were missionaries and we teach people about God. Then he was like "I used to be a pastor you know.." (as he is falling over because he is soooo drunk). Then we took out a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and he didnt want it. He kept trying to give it back to us but we just kept giving it to him. Finally we gave it to him and ran away. He just stayed there in the street and was looking at the pamphlet and walked away. WITH THE PAMPHLET haha... it was great. Hopefully he will change and go to church. 

So yeah that was my week. Full of fun things. I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and Im in Jacob right now. The Book of Mormon is really changing my life. You have no idea!! I cant even tell you guys how important this book is. You have to really read it and study it for yourselves. It will change your lives!!! I love this church and Im greatful for the Gospel in my life. See you guys soon. Oh and P.S. I got my flight plans everyone!! I will be coming home December 19th at 5:31pm... Times just going by so so fast. Well I love yall. Have a GREAT week!! 

With love,

Hermana Patrick

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