Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stranded! :)


   Havent said that in a while... Im miss San Blas..... But this week was a pretty hard week for my companion and I. Well for some reason we were both very upset this week. Lets just start off with a wonderful thing that happened to us this week.

1. So our area is HUGE! We were in one part of our area this week thats about an hour away and had to take the bus like always. So we went to that part of our area to visit an investigator that we have there. On the way back we took a bus.... not just any bus... the cursed bus. So the first time we took this bus the guy that was driving was drinking with his buddies and was driving like a mad man. The second time we took this bus we were on the bus for 3 hours because of an accident. Now third times the charm right?? So this week would be time number three. So we got on the bus and everything was fine... well until the guy kept grinding the gear shift. He just kept taking the stick and jerking it everywhere and the bus would make really bad sounds. Now I dont know much about cars or buses, nor do I know how to drive a stick shifts but I know one thing.... He wasnt doing it right. So after about 1000 times of this guy jerking the stick around the bus just broke. Yes the bus just broke. So we stayed on the bus with everyone else until after about 20 mins. the guys came out and told us to get off the bus because they couldnt fix it. So there we were.... all just on the side of the road without a bus. So let me just give some backround really quick, because we were in a part of our area that is so far away the last bus leaves at 6pm. So there we were 5:15 stranded on the side of the road. So we started to walk because well everyone else did as well. But one by one people had family members that came to get them and things like that. So after 45 mins of walking the bus passes by... Without us. We were trying to run after it but they just honked the horn and drove off. So yeah.... we had no ride. We started to call members with cars but no one could come and pick us up. If we kept walking we would have gotten home until about 12 in the morning. So when the bus passed by we were screaming because we were so mad. The only thing that was around us were trees and cows. We were in the middle of the country with no one and nothing in sight. So my companion... being soooo mad.. flipped off the bus driver as he passed by. Shh dont tell her I told you guys or she will get mad haha. I thought it was pretty funny but afterwards she was crying because she did that. Dont worry everyone she has repented... So yeah we just kept walking and walking and walking and walking........... Until we couldnt take it anymore. We just stuck our thumbs up and decided to hitch hike. So the black truck passed by and we were like well fine then, dont pick us up. But then they stopped in the middle of the street and started to back up... Then we almost passed out because we thought we were going to die. But this really nice guy and his family got out of the car and asked us where we were going. We told them and they said they were going the same way. So we road in the back of the truck with them and all was good. It was pretty fun. They were soo nice! So yeah that happened..

2. So also this week my companion and I were pretty sick. We both had fevers and it was just not fun. Times like those in the mission is when everyone wants their moms haha. But it was only for about 2 days so not too bad.

3. so this week we started an English class every Friday at 6pm. So we got to the chaple and guess who showed up????........No one!!! Woohooo!!! So yeah that was sad

4. Then this week we had an activity at the church with all the members and only 3 families showed up. That was sad... But we had sooooo much fun. They are so great. 

So during all these events this week I was pretty down. I just kept thinking about how I wanted to go home and was just like poor me all week. It was pretty hard but then something hit me that changed my attitude towards this week. Which leads me to point 5.

5. So José got baptized this week. He is our 30 year old guy that we have been teaching for a while. He turned my week all around. He got baptized yesterday and when I saw him in his white outfit I wanted to cry. He is the reason why I am hear. We are to help people come unto Christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel... through faith in Jesus Christ and baptism. We helped him do that. After he was baptized he got up to share his testimony with everyone. It was short but powerful. He said "Im a new man." And he is sooo right he is now a new person. He has the chance to be clean and start fresh. He was such a great example to me this week. He was soooo ready to get baptized. Pictures to be included.

So that was about it this week. I miss yall so much. I hope you are all loving school and having fun. Kane started his senior year, my cousin started college, and Gregory is in 3rd grade. Oh how the time just goes! I miss you all and will see you soon!! :) 

with lots of love,
Hermana Patrick


P.S. Remember when I said that I was gonna send pictures??? Yeah well for some reason I have a virus soooo, I cant. Maybe next time haha. Love yall.

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