Monday, August 3, 2015

Michelle Got Baptized!!! :) Demons.... say what???


    What a woderful adventure this week has been. :) I have so many things to tell you guys so lets get started.

So this week we were walking down the street going to an appointment when m comp stops and says "oh hey hermana". She was talking to this lady that was standing on the other side of the street. We walked up to her and my comp said that her and her last comp were trying to visit her but couldnt find her house. (so just fyi, here in Panama when you ask someone where they live they all say, over there with all the houses). So yeah problem. Anyways we told her that we wanted to come and visit her on Tuesday and she said it was okay. We got the best directions that we could and the came back to her house on Tuesday. So my companions last comp and her contacted this lady in the street before and told her they would come back but could never find her house. So anyways, we get to her house and they clean up really fast and let us in. We walked in and the whole house smelled like pee. It was gross, but we sat down and started to talk to this family. There was the mom and she had 4 daughters. So after getting to know them for a little bit we asked them if they attended a different church. The mom says yes and said they were all baptized in that church as well. Of course the Catholic church... So we asked them if they ever went to our church and they said yes but were never baptized. So we asked if they would like to sing a hymn and afterwards say a prayer. She said yes and so we picked a hymn. Number 41 to be exacted. Im not sure what that is in English so your gonna have to look it up. So as we are singing one of the daughters runs into the room and comes back with a hymn book. One from our church, my comp and I start laughing during the hymn but calm down and finish the song. After the song we ask the lady where she got a hymn book from. She then tells us that she got it from the other missionaries that used to come to her house. Then she says that 3 of her daughters were baptized in our church. We were sooooooo confused. She had just told us that they werent baptized. The youngest daughter is 8 so she wasnt baptized at the time because she was to young. So then we ask her again if she was baptized like her daughters in our church she says no like 5 times and says she was baptized in a different church. So we were like okay cool. So we ask her if we could say a prayer and she said yes and then we asked who she would like to say the prayer. She asked one of her daughters but they were all very angry. When I finish the story you guys will know why. So after the daughters said no the mom said she would say the prayer. So as she is saying the prayer she asked Heavenly Father to help her with her sickness that she has. She said Amen and then we talked a little more. My comp asked her what her sickness was so that we could try and help her out. She then said something that I will never forget. Demons............. I knew the word in Spanish but I thought I was hearing wrong. I looked at my comp and she was like I dont think its that either. So we ask her what the word means and she says "you know, like the devil...demons". So first off this lady was already a liitle strange so my comp is trying sooo hard not to die. I jump in and tell her that the Elders can help her and give her a blessing and bless her house as well. She says okay and we go on with the lesson. Then after all this she tells us that she is a member and was baptized in our church..... We were like dude, what the heck haha. So we toughted them a lesson and told them we would come back this Tuesday with the Elders. We left the house and were just like...... okayyyyy... So we went back to our house and looked in the Area book for the name of the lady and her daughters. Sure enough she was there. She was baptized 2 years ago but was never confirmed. So the rule is is that you have 6 months to be confirmed a member of the church to make your baptism valid. So since it has been 2 years the whole family has to be baptized again. So we will be working with this family and gettin them baptized. Fun times!!!!

So in other news... My comp got proposed to. He said he was gonna go to the states with her and marry her. What a weird guy. 

Not done yet.... So we were walking down the street and this guy sees us and just about dies. He said that he was praying to god to send him angles to help him and then we came down the street. He said he wanted to talk to us but not at the moment. Then he told us we were God. Then he left.... So hopfully we see him again haha. 

So my comp had to go to the hospital this week. Im not sure what it is but I think im like bad luck or something. My last two comps had to go to the hospital. But my comp is doing better after some sleep and meds. Pictures to come... 

So the BEST PART OF THE EMAIL!!! We had a baptism this week. Michelle got baptized. The 21 year old that I told you guys about last week got baptized yesterday. She is soo soo amazing. I love her. She has such a great testimony and knows that this is the true church. She makes my testimony so much stronger. She wants to be married in the temple and raise her children in the gospel. Shes so great. 

Well guys thats all for now. As you can see, Colon has tons of adventures. I love you all and hope yall have a wonderful week. I know without a doubt that this gospel is true and that we have a loving Father. I love yall and will see you soon!!

With love,
Hermana Patrick

So the pictures are... my comp and I on top of a mountain thing..... our zone sitting on the bench haha..... Michelle at her baptism.... My comp was playing with my hair and made it all big and told me to go outside like that.... and my comp in the hospital. 

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