Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Family!!


  So I gave food to a homeless man this week. My comp and I were walking down the set of stairs to get to the other side of the street when we saw a homeless guy sleeping. We went to our dinner that we had and then we bought some Mcdonalds. We went to were he was laying at and tried to get his attention but he was sleeping. So we left it next to the carboard box that he was sleeping in. I hope he got to eat it, :) 

So this week was the most amazing part of my mission! Well for now haha.... So my comp and I were looking through the area book when we noticed that not one missionary ever worked in a part of our very large area. So we decided that we were going to go contact so people in that area and see who we could find. So we get in one a bus and realized that we are on the wrong one so we get off. Then we wait for another to come by but it was SO HOT and after about 15 mins we couldnt take it anymore. So we took a taxi instead. The taxi driver had taken us to the first house in the area and we thanked him. We said a quick prayer and walked up to the door. A little boy that was 10 years old answered. We asked if his parents were home and he said yes. He ran inside and got his mom. His mom came to the window and said "digame" which is like talk to me in English. So we told her that we were missionaries and sharing a message about Christ. We asked her if we could share a message. She looked for a minute and then said yes. She let us in a gave us a glass of cold water. Then, like a mother, told us that we needed to stay out of the sun because we were really red. She took our glasses and then we all sat down and started to share a message about the restoration of the gospel. We told her that the same church that Christ established while here on the Earth was the same church that we have today. She really liked the message and then told us to wait. She went back to her room and came out with a really old copy of a Liahone. She asked if our church was the one that made it. We told her yes and she started to say how she loved it and that she always wanted to come to our church. So we invited her to church on Sunday and she accepted. She said that her husband would love the church as well. So we left the house VERY happy and the family with a fress copy of the Book of Mormon. We knew that Heavenly Father answered our prayer. So on Friday we were around that area and decided to stop by the her house..... by the way her name is Elisabeth. So we stopped by and she was outside with her 10 year old son planting things. We asked if we could help and we talked to her for a while. Then we all sat down at the table and she tells my comp and I that she read a little bit of the Book of Mormon and really liked it. We talked for about 10 more mins and the her husband came home from work. We met him and  he was super awesome and nice. His name is William. He also speaks English!! So hes even cooler haha. He said that he wanted to go to church so that we would see him there. Their whole family took us home and we told them we would see them Sunday. So Sunday came around in which I had to give a talk at church. I told a story about my dad and everyone laughed.... sorry dad haha.... Anyways, so after the first 20 mins they didnt show up, but right in the middle of the song they came in. The whole time in church they talked about eternal marriage and it was great! After church we went a visited the family, we asked them how they liked church and they both said they loved it. After the lesson that we had with them in which they both said they believed that Jose Smith was a prophet, they looked at their watch and said "oh no, we are late". They were on their way to a activity at the church that we were having that night. They are the best. So we plan to see them again next Sunday! I just love them soooo much. 

So yeah this week we also had Jose come to church. He gets off of work at 5 in the morning and goes to church at 9am. He wants to be baptized sooo bad. Hes the best. So in the coming weeks we plan to have his baptism at well! :) 

So this week has just been great we are working hard. I love you all and miss you soooo sooooo much!! See you soon!! 

Oh and happy 13 months in the mission to me!! I hit 13 months yesterday. How fast time goes! 

Remember to pray always!!!

Hermana Patrick

So the pictures are DQ that we got with the Elders, The picture with the Kids (the one in the yellow green shirt is the Elisabeth and Williams son), and the kid thats sitting in the chair is a kid that is in the hospital. The Elders and us went to see him today. He is in our ward. 

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