Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hospital Visit..

Hola todos!!

   Como estan?? Espero que bien!! :) Bueno esta semana era super bueno! Pues era dificil pero bueno, asi es la mision! jaja.. Ok no voy a escribir todo en espanol por que mi mama va a matarme jaja.. Te amo mama!! :)

**How are? I hope that well! :) Well this week was super good! Because it was difficult, but hey, so is the mission! haha... OK am not going to write all in Spanish that my mom will kill me haha... I love you MOM! :)***

Great so this week like I said was good but difficult. So Carol got married this last week and she will be getting married on Friday! We are sooo excited for her and her son Hadid. They are going to be great members of the church.

So the part that was a bit hard this week was my comp. She was super sick with a parasite and we have no clue how she got it. She hadnt really been eating a lot for about a week and she was feeling sick and stuff. So finally after fighting with her for the whole week Monday she just got super sick at about 10:30pm when we were getting ready to go to bed. She was in so much pain that we called the Elders and they had to come and give her a blessing. So they came over and gave her a blessing and then yesterday we went to the city to go to the hospital. We stayed there for 7 hours and finally got released. We got out of the hospital at about 11pm and stayed in the city with the sisters there. We got back this moring from this crazy adventure and now we are here writing haha. My comp is going to be fine so thats the blessing!! :) So Im just a bad comp because almost all my comps have been the the hospital haha.

So yeah not to much this week being as my comp was sick. I have been feeling a bit scared latley though. For some reason I havent been eating very well. Its not because Im sick or anything but I have been freaking out about going home so soon. I dont really want to come back to the worldy things, my testimony has been strengthed here in my mission and I LOVE IT!! :D So I had a talk with my mission president and he helped me a lot. He also gave me a blessing and it was the best blessing that I have ever had in my life. I must say that my mission president is the best. He is sooo amazing! He can feel the spirit so much and I can feel it through him!

Well I love you guys and miss you all so much!! Hope yall have a wonderful week!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Patrick
                                                      carol when she got married
                                                    at carols marriage
                                                cool diablo rojo!
                                             It was one of the Elders Birthdays so we went to pizza hut

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