Thursday, July 17, 2014

E mail from Lexi

Hola everyone, 
                So Today (Thursday) is my P-day.... I was going to die because the first week here went by sooooooooo slow!! haha. But all is well here in the CCM. I have some amazing friends here and the work is moving forward. Everyone here is super nice, like on the first day when I got here everyone kept saying "hola hermana" and I was just like... "umm hi"! lol. 

My Spanish is not as good as I want it to be so I cried like the fourth day for like an hour because I couldn't speak the language. Then my companions cried and yeah we all cried. But now we are okay :) Oh and yeah I have two companions one is Hermana Anderson, and the other is Hermana Hall. They are so awesome! Its just us three in our apartment and we get along really well. Ill send pictures later. 

So in my district we have 8 Elders and 3 Hermanas.. Oh and mom Elder Taylor, the one that is from Katy, Tx. is in my district and so is Elder Bradburn who is from Mississippi. Its so awesome and they are both super nice. Oh and also tell sister Egbert that her sister in law or something like that got here yesterday and she is in my zone!! Ill take a picture and send it next week. But she is amazing as well! 

The spirit here is like no other, you can feel it everywhere you go. I feel like a complete different person in just the 8 short days I have been here. Also, we are not the new district anymore... we just had 10 new people in our zone get here yesterday... oh and awesome news.. I am the zone sister training leader for the Hermanas in my zone. So basically I have to help the new sisters that got here yesterday find different things and comfort them if they are homesick. That kind of stuff! Its pretty awesome. 

Okay so I must say the hardest part of being here is every Sunday we have to write a talk in Spanish and when you get to sacrament they randomly pick someone to give there talk. I was praying the whole time that they wouldn't pick me because I don't speak Spanish very well. Then we went to the devotional on Tuesday and the speaker, Elder Brown was saying that we need to watch what we say when we are praying. He said that he prayed for one of his friends to get better because he was really sick, and right after the prayer he had a voice come to him and say "are you going to bless him in my name, or in your name". When we pray and we say "In the name of Jesus Christ" the blessing, or prayer is done in his name not ours. So I felt really bad when I said that quick prayer on Sunday to get out of giving a talk. So we all need to pray sincerely and not just the same old quick little prayer that we say all the time. 

I was in class this week and my teacher, Hermano Stewart was asking why we were here. What our purpose was... then I read in John 3:5. Go get your scriptures and read it... it will tell you why im here. I am here so that when the last days come everyone can stand before Dios y Jesucristo and say that they have repented and are baptized. That they received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endured to the end. Our goal is not to baptize as many people as we can, or to get tons of people to join our church, but its to help our investigator, members, and anyone else we come in contact with endure to the end. In doing so they WILL receive blessings from Padre Celestrial. 

I Love you all soooo much and I miss you as well. Oh and BTW so everyone here is getting packages and mail but not Hermana Patrick. Im not getting anything! :( its sooo sad! So ;) ;) Send me something!! :) We need food for our apartment lol... and some hand written notes or something for my journal. I like those better then emails, just saying. But anyways I love you all so very much and will see you in 18 months. 

Hermana Patrick :)

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