Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lexi letter to her Dad

Warren's Letter to Lexi

On Saturday we went to Splashtown... Yes we! The park was so packed I've never seen it so full. A lot of the lines to rides we're all the way to the ground, but we stayed in the kid area, the baby area, the Lazy River, and Wave pool. Despite the crowd we had a lot of fun. Gwendolyn learn to do the baby slide all by herself and wanted to slide again and again. She was so cute! Everyone kept telling us how cute she was. Of course she was the only kid with a bow and  toenail polish that perfectly matched her bathing suit. LOL! You know your mom. 
  Last night I had a very interesting night at work. I took the boys with me in my rental van to do a drive test. We turned the DVD player on and they stopped arguing and enjoyed the movie. I had a lot of equipment problems that night, but push through anyway. We finally got a rhythm going and the kids had fallen asleep when i hear it. I heard Gregory grunt followed by the sound of what sounded like water splattering. I looked back and yep! He is puking all over my equipment all over the van and all over himself. Get this! He slept through the entire thing! I'm freaking out because i cant pull over at the time so I  wake up Kane. Kane is literally no help at all. All he did was state the obvious and tell me how disgusting it is, and yes the smell was awful! Finally after about 5 minutes (Oh yeah, in the midst of all of this the gas light comes on and I can't find a gas station.) but it felt like 30 minutes,  I pull in a gas station and start pumping gas. I was hoping the smell of the gas would overtake the puky smell in the air, but it didn't work. All I had was paper towels to  clean with. I asked  Kane to help, but he stated that he could not do puke, and for some reason started washing the back window with the squeegee. I guess that was his way of trying to help. I finally woke up Gregory and cleaned him off. Then he start puking on the ground  because of the smell. I asked was he sick, and he said no and doesn't remember puking the first time.Weird! Oh yeah, in the middle of cleaning the puke Kane  asks me if i can buy him some chips. I guess because he is so grossed out he wanted to eat... SKS!!! Anyways, I cleaned it as best I could, but now I need to get the car detailed before I drop it off. 
 Sorry for the long story, but I thought you would have enjoyed it. I love you Sweetie and I'm so proud of you. Hugs and kisses! 

Lexi letter back

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha That is the best story ever!! Thats one I have to print out... Tell Mom I said I love her sooo much and Happy Birthday. I left her presents in Kanes car in the back seat. There is a pair of shoes and also a shirt I think. My Spanish is not as good as I want it to be but the investigator that I teach understands what Im trying to say. Well Im being rushed and I have to go... There is so much that i have to tell you but no time at all.. Ill try my best next week to get it all in there.... In the pictures there is pictures of my district, my two companions and me! :) Love you Kane, Gregory, Marquee, Gwen, Mom and dad! :) :* kisses from Provo to Texas! Oh and p.s everyone here makes fun of me because they say I have an accent. Which I dont but they say I do. I say yall alot lol. but anyways! Send me a package pleaseeeeeeeeee!! I need snacks!! :) put some notes in there as well! I love you so much but I got to go!! 

Until next Thrusday, Hermana Patrick :)

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