Monday, July 28, 2014

        So this week has been pretty awesome!! I think this week was way better then last week. Let's start off by saying that we got a new investigator. Who is also my teacher... Little weird! In class my teacher is very clear in what he says and speaks not slow but slow so that we can understand. But nope, not while he is playing investigator. So get this, he is a Jehovah Witness and is not baptized. So me and my companions get in there, get to know him a little, and teach the lesson. At the end when invite him to be baptized. He says YES...... But not to us. :( He said yes he would be baptized, to his own church. So that went really well! We teach him tonight so this should be fun! :) 

Last P-day we got to go to the Temple.. I'll send pictures later of that, but OMG it was so awesome. My district and I did an endowment session together. It was so awesome. The temple here is soooo pretty. We cant go today because apparently they have a holiday up here in Utah and its called Pioneer day.. Its a Utah thing I guess. But everything is closed. So maybe next week.

Also on Tuesday we had another devotional. It was soo awesome. Elder Ellis from the 70 spoke along with his wife and 8 kids. :) Awesome part.. Brother Ellis (the son of the guy in the 70) is in our home ward. I had no idea that his dad was a 70. After the devotional I went up to say hi to him and he recognized me as soon as I said Hi. We talked for a little but then had to go!  

I have been studying my scriptures like no other here... I read them at least two hours a day!! I have seen many blessings since I have been here! 

An awesome experience that I had this week: So there is this Hermana in my zone and she has really been struggling. She has been here for a week now but she is feeling really down. She wants to go home and is struggling with the language. I had a talk with her and shared a scripture. I told her she was not alone and that she is here for a reason. Now she is so much happier!! She is staying :) Pretty sweet. 

Everyone wants to know what I do all day. here you go....

I wake up at 6:00am, eat at 7:30am, Go to class for like three hours, get out of class and eat lunch, after lunch we go to gym class for 50 mins (where we play vollyball with some Elder who hit the ball really hard), then we go back to class for three hours, go to dinner, go back to class for three hours, after the last class we study for another hour. Go home, check on our sisters in our zone for about 20 mins, then write or send mail. Go to sleep and do it all over again lol... Awesome thing is... I LOVE IT!! I learn so much that i never knew before! The work here is awesome. The food is good some days and bad some days lol... Oh and mom I tried something new for lunch! It was really good lol. I dont know what it was. 

Well I got to go, Love you all and miss you tons! :)

-Hermana La Vida!! Hermana Patrick ;)

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