Monday, September 22, 2014

More dogs!!

Hola everyone,

     So remember when I told yall about the crazy dog that tried to kill me and my companion. Well this week that happened again. Except this time the dog was a lot bigger. We walked by the house and all of a sudden this crazy dof jumped out and ran towards us. If we ran it would attack us and if we didnt we were gonna get bit. But my companion and I just stood there and tried really hard not to move. After a good 7 or so mins. the dog let us go. We didnt get bit or anything but it was really scary. Dios really loves us because so far we would have been attacked by dogs twice.

Anyways, So this week we hardly had any members at church, but on the bright side we had lots of less actives show up and lots of investigators. We also had two baptisms this week both of Saturday. It was soo special. Afterwards I talked to the two guys that got baptized and asked them how they feel. They both said they feel like new people. They said they have never been so happy and clean before. Thats exactly what we try and teach these people. That the gospel will bring them that peace and joy in their lives. Most of the time the people understand but they dont want to come to church. Ive been praying for them and we do fast for them so lets hope we can have more church attendence next week.

This week and last week I made the goal to be a christlike missionary for the rest of my time here. Im trying not to complain about things, which sad thing is seems to be really hard for me. I cant complain about how hot it is or about how people are rude to us. For example, a while back we had two instances where we had people just be really rude to us. One was when we went to a house and asked if we could come in and teach them a lesson becasue last time we came to their house they told us to come back. So we did... Anyways, after talking to them on their front pourch they finally yelled and told us to go away and that they were Catholic. They told us not to come back and laughed at us. As we walked down the street I said ''Well they dont need the gospel''... The other time was when we were teaching a lesson to a less active. She went off on us and told us that God hates her and that he hates everyone. I tried to share my testimony with her and she just cut me off and started yelling. After leaving her house I said again, "well she doesnt need the gospel". I realized what I said the other day. Everyone NEEDS the gospel. We are all Gods children and he wants to same for us as he does for anyone else. Im trying my best to be like Christ and love everyone no matter what. Im doing really good. I havent complained about anything or anyone for three whole days lol. Im on a roll. I read a quote in PMG that says, "You need to be a christlike missionary, not just do missionary things", this is soo true. So Im applying in my life the doctrines of Chrsit. I already feel like a changed person.

Okay guys, sorry but no crazy food stories this week. We havent really had anything to crazy yet.. Just tons of beans, rice and chicken. Which isnt to bad.

As for my Spanish... Well its great. Im starting to help teach lessons now and I came understand more and more everyday. Its still hard but I know it will come. When I get down about it I just read my patriarchal blessing. Its super powerful and makes me feel so much better. Oh and Im almost done reading the Book of Mormon again. Im a little behind but Ill catch up.

Well tomorrow I am going to the lake with my district so that should be really fun! I love you all and miss you tons. I just wanna bring everyone to Panama so we can live here. I hope all is well in Texas! After all everythings better in Texas. Love you lots!!

-Love Always Hermana Patrick


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