Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hola everyone,

       So this week has been great but always interesting. Lets start off with what I think is sooooooo awesome about Panama. So me and my companion walk down the street to contact people or visit members, like any other missionary. Everyday the guys that we walk by on the street wistle at us and try to speak English but they dont know how. Haha its so funny. One of the guys said that they were going to marry my companion.. He's like 50 so I'm not to sure how that will work out for him.

Anyways, Saturday we played basketball/football/vollyball with some less actives, members, and investigators. Its so funny because Im like a good foot taller then half of the guys so I can like dunk the ball lol. They thought I was the greatest player ever. Anyways, so after our games we were cleaning the church and 4 of the investigators are 16,17 year old boys. They told my copanion that I had something special about me and that I was awesome. hahaha... My companion told them, yeah its because she is a missionary. She does have something special about her. lol. They said they were going to come to church. They didnt but hopefully next week.

In other news my spanish is coming along. I can have a good 3 sentance conversation with someone so I guess thats good. Everyday it gets better. I just need to practice more and keep asking Dios for help.

Food.... The best thing to talk about... So we ate at a sisters house this week and she made rice, beans and some weird thing. Not sure what its called but its like this slimy chip thing. But anyways, we sat down to eat and there were flies all over the table and all over our food. We couldnt even close our eyes during the prayer because we had to hit the flies away. The best thing though was that a wasp was right on my plate and the lady took a pen and smashed the wasp dead all in my food. I wasnt really mad because I hate wasp. I ate the food to. It was gross. The whole time I was chewing I just kept thinking omg I just ate guts of a dead wasp lol. But the food was okay over all. Speaking of food today I got to make spaghetti and cake for my district. They loved it becasue they have never had it before. There cake here is really weird and there spaghetti is just noodles with some weird stuff on it. But they all ate like 3 or 4 plates. They all love me even though I dont speak Spanish lol.

This week I was really sick. I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night and threw-up. The again in the morning. At about 12pm my companion called the nurse because I couldn't move without my tummy hurting. The nurse told me to stay home until I felt better and that I was sick because of the food here. I ate some weird thing the night before that I never ate before and it was really nasty. On top of it being nasty I had to eat like 15 of them. So I was sick for about 2 days and stayed home for one day. Today I feel great. I got a blessing by 2 Elder's in my district and everyone in my district got me water and crakers and stuff. They were like my other moms lol.

The best thing this week. So we were contacting and we met two girls that wanted to learn more about the gospel. Some a couple days later we went to there house and shared a message with them and invited them to be baptized. They said yes!! So now we have 4 people with baptism dates. I'm so excited. Also, we have been working a lot with the less actives in our area and yesterday at church we had three less active families show up!! It was awesome. The work here is progressing and the people are great. I love it here and cant wait for the things which are to come.

I love you all and miss you tons.

-Hermana Patrick

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