Monday, September 8, 2014

Tomorrow is my mission birthday!!

So guess what guys????? Tomorrow is my mission birthday (hints from the title). I will have been out for two months already! Wow!! Time is going fast. So thats means 16 more months in the mission.. bitter sweet.

Anyways enough about that, so this week has been... well I live in Panama. So that means that everyday is interesting. Lets start off with some random things. So yesterday was fast sunday and a little kid got up and shared his testimony. He was about the same age as Gregory and he was really cute, just like Gregory. Come to think of it he sounded like Gregory. It was awesome!!

So food stories of the week....... Drum rollllllllllll............ OMG I ate a whole plate of prunes. I thought I was going to die! So we get to this lady´s house and she gives us this huge plate of rice. Then she comes back out of the kitchen and gives us this huge plate of prunes. If thats not enough she goes back to the kitchen and gets some weird veggie stuff. Then she goes back and gets icecream, which I wasnt complaning about. My companion and I look at each other and when she walks back in the kitchen we put our bags right next to us on the floor. We are getting ready to dump our bags full of prunes. She comes back to us with a plate of green olives. I was thinking oh my!! So we pray and begin to eat. I swear I was having the hardest time. I gave my plate of green olives to my companion and she ate most of them and then we made our way to the prunes. We ate about 15 chucks of them then dumped the rest in out bag when she walked off. Everything else we had to eat. I walked out of the house and had to go to the bathroom so bad. Just a heads up to everyone.... never eat that much stuff. You will feel sick for days after. Anyways, she comes and tries to give us more food and we just tell her NO! So she sends us with to go plates. Lets just say the dogs in the street were very happy.

Next stroy.. this ones good so sit up and pay attention. So my companion and I are walking down the street thinking about what house we should contact. All of a sudden we get the filling to go down a street that we have never been down before. So we start walking and get to this little house at the end. we walk up to the door and yell "Buenas" which is how you "knock" on peoples doors here. A lady comes out and starts to talk to us. She invited us in to share a message. After the message she excepted the invitation to be baptized! It was soooo great. So we leave her house and walk back down the street when all of a sudden this huge dog jumps out. Its barking at us and it bite my companions bag. We thought we were done for. Finally after a good 5 mins the dog let us walk off and we walked but up the street. God was really with us on that because I thought for sure that we were done.

So this week I was reading a talk that my companion gave me. I really liked something that it said. "Every bad thing that happens, happens for one purpose only: to give you the opportunity to respond by applying in your life the teachings of Jesus. As you do so you are changed to become more like him". I really liked that because things happen in life that you cant control. No matter what happens you have the oppurtunity to be like Christ. I have been trying to apply that to my mission. When I have a bad day of feel home sick I just remember that quote and why Im here.

I´ve made a goal while Im here to read the Book of Mormon 13 times. I can do it if I read 20 pages a day. I have been and Im halfway done. Its amazing to see what you can do if you really work hard.

Well thats it for this week! I love you all and miss you tons. Ill be reporting back next week with some other great stories. Love you guys!!

xoxox -Hermana Patrick

-Hermana por vida!

P.S. Sorry for the spelling and grammer mistakes but Im typing fast lol

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