Monday, March 30, 2015


Holla everyone,

    Short email this week... So this week my other MTC companion came out here to the Islands of San Blas. We are all together now!!! WOOHOO!!! We are soooo excited. 

This week has been a hard one as well but thanks to all the new skills that I have developed here on my mission I was able to puss through. We also had a baptism this week. I was really cool because our convert got baptized in the ocean. Really neat experience. 

I have been trying to learn more on the Kuna culture this week so next week (when we actually have a computer on our island) I will get back to you guys. There is however a Book of Mormon in Kuna. It only has parts of it but its still pretty cool. 

General Conference is coming soon and we are all excited about that down here in Blas. We love to hear the prophet. 

Well guys love you and miss you a ton!!! Have a great day and week!!

-Hermana Patrick

                                                              MTC companions
                                                        My MTC comps (Anderson and Hall)
  The missionaries


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