Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hola everyone, or should I say Nuegambi

    So sorry that I couldnt write very much last week. So just to give everyone the update. I had E changes to San Blas. I had E changes because my companion that Im with right now didn't have a companion because her companion went home, so I took her place out here on the Islands of San Blas.

Can I just start off by saying WOW!!!! Its is soooooo pretty here. I am just surrounded by water. It is like something you see on a postcard. The water is soo blue and the sand is just wonderful. I wish I could send you all a picture but I cant. The internet is super slow so I cant send pictures unless we go into the city. So until then sorry guys....

So first day out here on San Blas. I had about a 4 or 5 hour car ride out to the shore where I would be meeting my new companion. I got to the shore and got out to found out that we had a 3 hour boat ride to our island. We stayed to night at an island called Carti Tupile where another set of sisters live and work. It was only about 30 or 45 mins out so not to bad. We searched and searched for a phone to use to email our family and finally found one but it was soooo slow that we could only email for a short time. That and well, there were 4 of us and 1 phone haha. So the next morning Hermana Hall and I (By the way Hermana Hall was my companion from the MTC) got up for a 3 hour boat ride to our island, which is called Ticantiki. We got to the island all wet and salty and unpacked and got settled in. We got some clothes to take a shower but guess what???....... No water! haha.... And oh let me just tell you about the water/ shower situation.... So our "shower" is you get water from the river and you take a bucket and have at it. Its a bucket shower party... Im really not to sure if we are actually clean haha. But a shower is a shower I guess. So we forget the shower and just unpack and clean. We set up our beds.....
oh yeah let me tell you about the "bedding" situation as well. So we sleep on hammock. Yep that is our bed every night. I haven't really slept in about a week because Im not use to it yet but Ill get there.

So yeah anyways.... so we get all settled in and the water comes back on so we take "showers" and go out to start meeting people. We met about 2 people and came back for dinner and to sleep. Oh and let me tell you something else..... We have friends that like to come over our house every night and just "hang" out. Literally.... HANG!!! There are about 5 or so that just love to come in. Their names are BATS!!
BATS!! and BATS!! They all have the same name look at that. Well they just fly around and chill in our house. I don't want to know what happens when we sleep.

Okay so on with the story. So we get up the next morning and have to walk about 20 25 yards across the way to use the restroom that is not in our house. Oh restroom situation... So its this little tiny room over the ocean and there is a whole in the bottom and that's where you go... Not to be nasty or anything but when you go #2 the fish just wait so they can eat it... then we eat the fish.....
yeahhhhhhhhhhh.... anyways so its pretty much like camping everyday of my life. Just a long camping trip. Just throw a little teaching the gospel in there and BAM that's whats going on.

BUT!!! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It is amazing here and I am learning soooo much. I think more then anything I am learning to be so grateful for all the things that I have at home. Washing dishes here is a pain because you have to go outside with a bucket of river water and just have fun. The language is pretty tough as well. Not everyone on the island speaks Spanish so we are learning Kuna now. Its hard but I know about 7 words in Kuna now so that's good. We have Kuna lessons everyday at this ladies house. Its hard because we are learning a new language in a language that we don't know very well.
But it is amazing. The kuna people are such hard works and they love us. All the kids just follow us around all day haha. Everyone on the island knows who we are so we are pretty much famous here. It is going to be an adventure for sure and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve here. I love it but it is hard.

Okay guys, Love you and hope that you love my email haha... Miss you tons!!! Oh and did I mention that I had 8 months on the mission yesterday!! Time is going by so fast. Well love you all... keep the faith!!

Love Always

Hermana Patrick

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