Monday, March 23, 2015

Lamanites or not??? :)

Nuegambi everyone,

      So this week has been the hardest of my mission thus far. I even cried.... The church here on the island is just really hard. The members are not very strong in the gospel, we only had 29 people at church this Sunday and only 8 of them were adults, the rest were kids.
We only had 45 mins of church and kids were running around everywhere while trying to take the sacrament. Our branch president doesn't have any counselors or any help with anything. There are only 2 worthy priesthood holders on the whole island which has been hard as well.
When people get sick we run around everywhere trying to find someone to give a blessing. We have tons of less actives and tons of work to do. It has been hard. We now realize how great the church is in the states haha. My companion and I said that when we get home we are going to be some much better church members. We realize that it is a ton of work. We have to type a book in Spanish on how to give blessing... The exact words because no one knows how to do it. My comp and I just cried because we know that this is there salvation and they are doing nothing about it. We know that the gospel is true and we really want them to know for themselves as well. We had a guy tell us this week that his religion is Kuna. He said that you cant be a Kuna and Mormon at the same time.

But you guys want to know something amazing???!!! So my comp and I believe that we are teaching the Lamanites. Just like in the Book of Mormon when it says that the Lamanites will have the gospel, well guess what!! We are giving it to them. So just a little Kuna history
for you guys......    So a long time ago as the Kunas would say there
was a man named Ibeorgun that came down to visit the Islands here.
They said that this man was a prophet and he preached to them and that he chose followers to teach the people. They said that he was with them for a while then he went back up into Heaven. Sound familiar???
We think that this guy was Christ. Christ came down to the people to teach them and chose followers. We just know that they have really bad traditions of there fathers so they are a bit lost right now. Me and my comp think that these people are the Lamanites. Its really cool to think about and helps us keep going.

Well thats all for this week guys.... We see that same people like 30 times a day because the island is so small haha... The Kuna is coming along and so is the Spanish. See you guys soon!! Love you!!

-Hermana Patrick

P.S congrats to my Uncle and Aunt that are getting sealed in the temple this week!!! :) Love you guys!!

                                                                our restroom
                                                         My companion and I with the Kuna kids

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