Monday, March 16, 2015


Nuegambi/ Hola Everyone,

     So this week has been an adventure here on the island. Roaches are now my best friends, sorry no more dog stories! So we were walking into the bathroom one night (which I actually got to send a picture of). When we unlocked the door there was a huge roach on the ground. I screamed and ran away. My companion goes into the bathroom with the broom and hits it down into what we thought was the water. She tells me that it is clear to go. So I walk in and sit down on the toilet.
While using the bathroom the roach came out from the toilet and ran under my legs. Now just a reminder...... we use the restroom right over the ocean so when my companion hit the roach out we thought it went into the water but NO, it was hiding in the toilet waiting for me. So anyways, I am still using the restroom while screaming and my companion comes running in with the broom and hits the roach again into the water. She runs out and is crying pretty much. I run out of the bathroom (not with my pants up, but good thing it was night time) and scream. My companion is rolling on the floor and thinks that it is soooooooo funny. So now she just tells that story to everyone we meet.
Now that I look back it was pretty funny, but at the time..... SO NOT FUNNY!!!!

So we still have a bat friends that come and visit every night. The just hang out and what not. Not really sure what type of bats they are for the people that wanted to know. We also have spider friends and tons of ants. Oh the ants love us soooo much!!

Well as for the work..... THIS IS THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE!! The church in the states is just soooo different. We didnt have all three hours of church last Sunday but this Sunday we tried really hard to. People will just come to church to take the sacrament and then after they leave. The men dont have priesthood meeting and the lady's dont have relief society. Its just really sad.
Speaking of that....

So this week we had a 65 year old man that was a member of the church get really sick. So we went to visit him and see how he was. When we walked into the little stick house there he is laying sick with a really high fever in his hammock. We sang him a hymn and said a prayer and asked if we could come back later to give him a blessing. He said yes and we went off on our way. We searched and searched on the island for a worthy priesthood holder to give a blessing. We FINALLY found two, one that couldn't read or hear very well and didnt know how to give a blessing. And the other, our branch president that had only given a blessing once in his life. We had to practice with him over and over on how to give a blessing. It was crazy. But anyways, so we go and give the guy a blessing and it went pretty well. The following day during a lesson we got the news that the guy died. We went over to the families house to see if we could help them with anything and they told us to go in the house. We looked at each other and just walked in.
When we got closer we noticed that the guy was breathing and was still alive. He couldn't walk, talk get up or anything, but he was alive. I guess the guy that said he died didn't really know haha.... But the following day, Friday the 13th the guy died at 1:30 in the morning. It was really sad. He was a really nice guy. So hear the culture is a lot different so when someone dies EVERYONE knows. Mostly because we live on a small island. But they go into the house of the dead person and eat and sing to the body. So thats what we did... We went and sang hymns to the body. It was a bit strange but actually kind of cool.
Then people ate and prayed then after that they all started to dance and play these pipe things. When someone dies they take the body across to another island and bury the body, in there hammock. So we have been helping with that this week........

So sorry if the story is hard to understand. I dont have much time and spelling and grammar mistakes are hard to fix with so little time.

So we have new investigators and are working hard. Love you all and miss you tons!!!

Love Always

-Hermana Patrick

                                           our beds

our bathroom

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