Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hola everyone,

     So this week we had changes!!!! Guess who my comp. is??? HERMANA ANDERSON!!!!! Yeah thats right, from the MTC! How cool is that! I got to be comps again with both of my MTC comps. This change is going to great. Im super excited!

So the changes were a bit crazy and a bit shocking for everyone. There are only 71 hermanas in the Panama mission right now. Its sad to see all of them leave but its cool because we are the oldest Hermanas in the mission now. So out here on San Blas we have 7 sets of missionaries 14 in total. When I first started out here there were 3 sets of Hermanas. This past change there were only 2 of us and now this change 1. So Hermana Anderson and I are the only Hermanas out on Blas right now. We are in a zone full of Elders haha. I like to think of it as a blessing! Of all the missionaries in Panama only 14 get the chance to come to San Blas and right now only 2 Hermanas!

So this week I have been only the Island of Ustupu with Hermana Anderson teaching the new Elders the area. It had been a bit hard because .... well Elders are Elders haha. If you served a mission and were a Sister you know what Im talking about!!! :) Anyways, here on there island they have this wonderful thing called rootbeer!!! Its amazing!! I have drunk like 5 already because it will be a while before I get anymore. So sorry mom for drinking to much soda haha.

I will have to say that this week has been the most stressful of my mission by far. I can also say that I have learned the most in these four days then I have in a while. I have really learned how to be christlike and am really looking back on how I treat people. I want to go home a new person and having learned a lot and will be striving these last couple months to do that. I want to say sorry to anyone that I was ever mean to! I love you!!! :) I am soooooooo greatful for my mission and for all the things that I am learning. I wouldnt have learned these things anywhere else.

In other news.... My comp fell out of her hammock!!! It was sad at first but super funny haha. Some how the rope broke and down she went.

Well I love you all and hope that your week is filled with great joys!!!! :)

Love Always

Hermana Patrick

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