Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chicha fuerte!

Hey guys,

     So this week has been amazing. We had six of our investigators get baptized this week. It was a great pleasure to get to see the work of the Lord here on the island.

Along with that we also had some crazy things that have happened.

1. It rained ALL day long one day and no one would let us into there house because they were filled with water.

2. I had a guy tell me that all the people from the United States are going to be servents when we get to Heaven. He said that we are all rich and he hates it haha. Mostly because he asked us for money to buy a soda and we told him as missionaries we could give him money. Then he went on to say that we really arent Hermanas of God because God would give hime money. Rather strange guy haha. I hope that he will be willing to except the gospel one day.

3. Last night was chicha fuerte!!! Well last night and the night before. So for those of you that dont know what chicha fuerte is I will gladly explain it. So when a girl gets her period (sorry for saying it that way) they have this huge party which involves drinking and dancing. So the first night they painted the girl black (which means something but everytime I ask no one seems to know). They also go into the congress hut thing and drink. Everyone and there dogs were drinking, literally I saw someone giving beer to there dog. That same night they are suppose to have a dance but everyone was to drunk so they saved it for Sunday night. They wouldnt let us take pictures but we snuck some in haha. Ill have to show you guys when I get home.

4. I just realized in 8 days I will have 11 months in the mission. Im one of the old missionaries now haha.

5. Gregory (my little brother) is almost 8 years old!!!

Well guys... I really do love the work here on the island. At times it can be a bit hard but we know that the Lord is on our side. One day everyone will know the truth about the gospel until then we will keep trying are best to be the best missionaries that we can be. I was studying in the scriptures this week and one that hit me for some reason was John 14:15 in the bible. I have read this scripture some many times before and have even shared it in a email or two. But while I was teaching the primary yesterday at church I shared this scripture with them. I asked the children why it was important to keep the commandments. She replied, "because if not we will not return with God and his son Jesus Christ". I think this is something we all want in our life. To return back to him and his wonderful son. I challenge everyone that is reading this email to really try hard this week to pick something that you are struggling with and try to make it better.
I will be doing this as well. I promise that you will see a huge change in your life. This mission has really changed me and I am so greatful everyday to be serving the Lord. Have a great week everyone.

Love always,

Hermana Patrick

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