Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Muffins and coke on Blas!

Hola everyone,

      So this week has been full of adventures like always...

1. This week we asked a member to go on visits with us to teach a recent convert that didnt speak very much spanish. So the member went with us to help translate. During the lesson we would speak in Spanish and when we looked at the member to translate she would, but while she was translating she had her nail clippers and was clipping her nails.
It was very distracting. She even put her toe in her mouth to get a part of her nail off. She was very flexable. Super weird lesson!!!

2. So for the past who knows how long we havent had water on the island. So people have been going to the river to get water which is a very long process. No one loves the missionaries enough to get us water from the river so we use what very little a member has. So for the past while my companion and I have been showering with 2 gallons of water. Its become a very good skill. I have really learned to be conservative with the water that I use. So yeah, as we walked down the street to go to out next appointment we saw that everyone had water buckets and were taking them near the church. We had no clue what was going on so we decided to go check it out. We walk up to find pretty much the whole island sitting next to wear they keep the tanks of water for the island. They figured out why we havent been having water for the past 3 months. The tubes that give eveyone water were broken so they had to fix them. So they cut open one of the pipes and water come rushing out. So they called everyone on the island. Everyone got
10 buckets of water for there family. We asked if we could get water as well and they looked at one another for a min and said yes. But then they said after the whole island has water we can get ours.
Really sad.... They thought that we could just go and pay $2.50 for a gallon of water to shower because we are from the states and have money. Which is not true haha... So we just waited for about 2 hours and helped out as much as we could until we got our water. That was fun!!! We were the ULTIMOS!!!! haha.

3. So we also had a WONDERFUL! FHE with all the youth and our branch president. Our branch president gave the lesson in which he shared something very powerful! He talked about the trip that he made to the island of Ticantiki last week. He said that he had run out of gas and had to stop at one of the islands along to way to fill up. He also said that the waves were really bad so it was making it hard to go on with the trip. Then he related it to our lives. He said that we need to be reading and praying everyday or we, like the boat will run out of gas. Sometimes the waves in life get really big but we need to always remember that we have a great captin. Jesus Christ!! He will lead us along the path but we need to do our part. So read your scriptures everyone!!!! :)

4. This week at church was amazing!!! We had a record of 70 people. We even had 2 investigators come and stay all three hours. Then I saw a
17 year old youth pay his tithing. He came to me and told me that all he had was .70 cents to pay and was disappointed. I told him that he was giving all that he had so thats all that matters. He is an amazing youth!!!

5. We found chocolate muffins and coke on our island this week so that was great!!! :)

6. Last thing... So this week my comp had a feeling that we should go back and talk to this kid that was sitting on this wall. We just kept walking and when she could no longer take it she told me that we needed to go back and talk to him. So we did. We had no clue why but we did. We just asked him what his name was and how old he was. Small talk! But then on Sunday he came to church! What a blessing... The spirit will always lead us along!

So yeah we had a ton this week. Even a blessing to a little baby boy.
The spirit here in San Blas is amazing! Heavenly Father truely loves the people here. So do I. Well I love you all and hope your week is great!!! Miss you all tons!!


Hermana Patrick xoxo

                                         lady clipping her toes in the lesson
                                          us helping fill up the water

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