Monday, June 22, 2015

Searching for a house!


     So this week has been a really hard week. The week just went by super slow. I feel like I haven't written in like 5 weeks. This week has been super hard for many of reasons but I have learned a lot this week as well. I will be trying really hard this change to make and keep goals. One of my goals this week is to run every morning. I have been doing it for the past two weeks so I plan on doing it until I go home. Speaking of going home.. I got my release date from my mission president and it will be December 14, 2015. When I talked to the Elders about it my heart sank. I realized that I only have about 5 and a half months left of my mission. I have sooo many things that I want to do here in Panama before I go and I realized the time was really short. It really motivates me to try my best everyday and to not waste one min. of my mission. 

Well I haven't told you guys any stories in a while so here you go.... once upon a time there were two hermans in the island of Carti. They were well dressed and spoke very little kuna. One day they didn't have a house to live in so they searched and searched until they found a place to live. At the end of four days... NOTHING! Not one little house on the whole island. 

So this was actually my life for the past week and a half. We have no place to live for the moment because the house that we were living in kinda just kicked us out because they are having tourist come and stay in there house. So this week we searched for a house and came up with nothing. Finally after a long hard day on Friday this guy that was doing some work on our chapel said that he could build us a part in the church that was safe to live. So that's what they will be doing this week. I HOPE!! But for the moment we are living with a member in there stick house so that's fun.

This week we also went to the island of Ticantiki, my old island. We had a district conference there with our mission president and 2 other islands. It was great. Everyone still remembered me and gave me hugs haha. It was really cool. I sent some pictures to my mom so look at the blog haha.

Well I love you guys and hope your week is amazing!!! This gospel is TRUE!!!!!

Hermana Patrick
                                             This is what the houses look like before they are done.

                                           Some pictures from the island of ticantiki this week

                                           Some pictures from the island of ticantiki this week

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