Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blessing from the Lord! :)

So sorry in advance but this is going to be a really short email...

1. Bayron got baptized this week and his parents are next. Right after they get married! :) They didnt want to make their son wait for them to get married so they just said baptize him. Good parents! :)

2. I had a virus on my sd card so I couldnt send pictures but this really nice guy fixed it and was able to save all my pictures so now they are all backed up safe and sound on a USB. Great guy! Blessing of the Lord right there!

3. We had changes this week... but Im still the same and have the same comp. We are happy haha. :)

So yeah sorry for the short email guys. Just know that I love you all very much and that the Gospel is true! 


Hermana Patrick

                                                 An activity that we had at church
               The following pictures are... Jose when he got baptized, A cute little girl that reminds me of Gwen, our wonderful investigator family that went to the temple with us, and me and my ZL that went home a couple days ago

                                               Bayron and his family

                                                  My fav. kid in Panama :)
                                                Saturday Bayron got baptized

                                                   After he gets out of the water!
                                                    Today with the Elders in our district

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